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Legal advice about vaccines


Jul 3, 2018
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I'm living in England. Stuff is reopening indoors (mostly) 17th of May. Cinemas should be open by that date. But you may need to book in advance due to distancing requirements.

The vaccine passport thing - pub passports are off. Talk of it has gone very quiet - chances are it wont pass parliment, beyond if its needed to allow entry to other countries, so it all could be off. For stuff in the UK might be needed for - seems as though it will be either vaccine, prior infection in the last six months, or negative lateral flow test taken less than 3 days ago. Those are the tests that give you a result in half an hour. Do not know what the situation is in Scotland with getting those. Did hear I think they were supposed to be availibille for all up there. I know if you're in England you can walk into a test centre and just get one done, no questions asked, free of charge. Takes about five minutes, result texted to youhalf an hour later. Can get a pack of seven posted to your here, I do not know if you can do that in Scotland.

Going abroad - cant give you any answers there at the moment. It will not be forever, but the testing requirements will probably be there over the summer. They have not announced anything officially. Say they will sometime May though. There is just rumours now. Countries will be put in red, amber, green. Green will likely mean no quarantine. Rumours you will need a test though to get back into the UK, vaccine or no. Only countries that I've seen could be green are Israel, US, Iceland, Gibraltar, Malta, Portugal.

If you are going to book a holiday abroad, I would either hold off until you know for certain which countries will let you in and which will be greenlisted, or make sure that whatever you book is fully flexible.
Yep I can’t have those swab ones due to my anxiety I would need a saliva one which costs £120 pounds. Should I just enjoy going in UK for moment and try see what happens in 2022? I mean I don’t want to rush aboard with all the rules my worry is this was a long term thing but most people said it shouldn’t be? One of my worries is if I took a test it would be positive and not very accurate? I would be terrified going on holiday or a gig wondering what the test may say? Or if my wife tested positive? I really don’t want regular tests I hope it doesn’t become the norm. I am probably over worrying as mass testing has been rolled out and not many people have them to be honest?
I have a few things planned a hotel and trip to England not done most of these in six months to a year I am trying to say that’s good I can do that but still worry about the freedoms and stuff I can’t do?


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Feb 25, 2021
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For now I'd just stay in UK, see how things are 2022.

I do not think mass testing for things in the UK will be compulsory. Encouraged, yes, they are doing that - but not enforced. Havent heard of any business asking to see the its negative text or a vaccine card.

When it comes to the long term - it will not last longer than nessecary. There is costs involved with the testing were doing at the moment, cannot see the government being willing to continue to fund that longer than needed. Enough people I would think in Boris's own party who'd cause problems for him if it did continue when it was not needed. The same who are not happy with the vaccine passport idea. They are fairly libertarian, they are not happy with the restrictions even when they are needed, they will not allow them to continue when they are not, some already think reopening is too slow.

With the case/death numbers being low as they are at the moment? If the restrictions did not lift on the timeline that has been set (17 May opening up indoors for most things, then all social limits going June/July I think), they will cause problems for him.

It is hard though, I agree - honestly have thought a few times that this does seem like it will never end. Worry is there at the back of my mind.