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  1. S

    Anxiety, Heart Concerns and My Current Health Scare (PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK)

    So I’m a guy, 15 years old. I had my first anxiety attack on Jan 11 so I’ve been dealing with this chronic stress for about a month. When it originally happened I was tested with two EKG tests and a chest x-ray, and blood test which all came out clean. However, since the tests and the doctors...
  2. H

    Pancreas fears....

    So for months I’ve had this relentless and irrational fear of something being wrong with my Pancreas. I have IBS-C and nausea often, and for the past month or two I’ve had bad mid/upper back and in between shoulder blades pain and pressure. It feels super tight. I also get super itchy sometimes...
  3. G

    Things that help with Heartrate, Sleep issues, Anxiety

    Hi there, I'm a newbie on this but not a newbie to anxiety. I've been reading a lot of comments on this about what people are going through and can totally relate to many. My anxiety attacks came on back about 12 yrs ago then suddenly vanished for the next 10... then the past couple of years...
  4. Trikay12113

    Feeling really down right now

    I haven’t felt that good the last few days and it’s probably a bug or something but obviously having health anxiety it’s causing me mixed emotions right now. I can’t stop crying cause I’m trying not to freak out over my symptoms and I just want them gone already and I just really hate going...
  5. Mrblonde

    Numbness and Tingling Caused by Anxiety???

    Has anyone had bad anxiety which causes bad Paresthesia on top of head, chest and legs? Paresthesia is an abnormal sensation of the skin (tingling, pricking, chilling, burning, numbness) with no apparent physical cause.Paresthesia may be transient chronic, and may have any of dozens of possible...
  6. V

    Meet up

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone lives in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area and is willing to meet up at a local Starbucks this week. I currently suffer from anxiety and have been motivated to start a blog focusing on everyday people with anxiety/ depression. Essentially it would just be a...
  7. V

    Meet up

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone lives in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area and is willing to meet up this week. I currently suffer from anxiety and have been motivated to start a blog focusing on everyday people with anxiety/ depression. Essentially it would just be a 30 min interview to...
  8. Trikay12113

    FREAKING OUT. I think I’m having An anxiety attack. HELP.

    I’m at a little get together and I’m feeling weird, super nauseous and head feels weird and I’m lightheaded and hot & sweaty and it’s freaking me out a lot and making me panic and I think I’m having an anxiety attack . Idk what to do. I’m not in the comfort of my own home to manage it better. Help.
  9. R

    My story (Any advice would be much appreciated)

    Hi all, I’m new here, nice to meet everyone. I figured I’d come here to lay out my thoughts and story as my anxiety and depression has been plaguing me for years and in the past two years, it has affected a lot quite directly. I don’t even know where to start because there’s a lot but I’ll do...
  10. Y

    Panic Attack/Mini Meltdown?

    Working as a Consigliere, one of my tasks is to collect, store & distribute people's deliveries. I.E. packages from Scamazon etc... From time to time, although not often, some packages do go missing & sometimes it's brought to issue. Well today, just an hour ago, a tenant shoved his slip of...
  11. Trikay12113

    Feeling weird yet again

    I was wearing my AirPods a lot for a couple days and I didn’t wear them yesterday or today and I still feel like they are in my ears and it’s super annoying and causing me to have anxiety because it’s not going away. Also, my head is feeling weird and my legs feel wobbly when I walk and I’m...
  12. Y

    My life with Social Anxiety

    Ever since my teens, back in the 80's I was afraid of socializing. DEATHLY afraid. Back then little was known about anxiety & depression. Depression was just a feeling as far as we knew. You were FEELING depressed, giving the impression it was just a temporary condition to which one was...
  13. Trikay12113

    Anxiety physical symptoms, freaking me out before bed!

    My chest feels weird, my heart is racing, I’m nauseous, my head & eyes feel weird and I’m hot & sweaty. It’s all freaking me out and this is how my anxiety gets triggered by this kind of stuff happening. I went and looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked pale so it went down hill...
  14. Trikay12113

    Worried. Scared. Nervous.

    Having weird period stuff ! if any women who has experienced it could message me I can explain it more!
  15. H

    Does anxiety impact on your love life?

    Hey internet, So I thought I would turn to fellow anxiety sufferers to get some insight on this. Does anyone else find their anxiety interferes with relationships? I'm a 30yo single woman and haven't been in a relationship for four years. All previous relationships have been very short lived...
  16. J

    Anxiety Affecting My Marriage

    I know the answer to this but I just have to get it out because it's been a rough week. I have GAD and have been working with it after a major panic attack 3 years ago brought about by the possibility of a change (move). I initially attributed it to my (then) fiancé, thinking it wasn't about the...
  17. Trikay12113

    Just got super worried! Help

    I was scrolling through my Facebook and noticed a post that said people who are/have stressed/burned out/depression/exhaustion are at risk for a stroke or heart attack because the all that adrenaline going through your bloodstream can cause your heart to go out of whack and what not. Now I’m...
  18. B

    std fear

    hi well mine started when my current bf had some wounds on his penis it was months into the relationship and he was a virgin before me it ended up being wounds because of the rubbing on his pants. so we paniced and since then i have a horrible fear of having std's and other sickness lately too...
  19. N

    Is it Anxiety? Extremely loneliness, fear and no friends.

    If I post a really long story will anyone read it? Feel like I need to tell the whole thing in order for it to make sense. Am I allowed to post really long posts?
  20. FinneousRex

    Starting a new job tomorrow - SO. ANXIOUS.

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum! I came on here to *hopefully* get a little relief from the anxiety I am having. First, I’ll tell you a little about me, and then I’ll get into the issue. I am a women, in my mid 20s with little support and consistency in my life. About 14 months ago I...