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Worried about rabies


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Jun 3, 2019
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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here. I have had a history of health anxiety dating back to 2016 and have had so many worries about many different diseases. Well, starting from last summer I have had a fear about contracting rabies somehow after reading about it. I’m not sure how it happened but I do know we had some rats living in the attic and I thought it was bats after looking it up online.

Here’s what’s been happening lately: last weekend I went home to visit. One morning I woke up to find a scratch/cut on my left hand. It kind of looks like a cut I would get from a razor but I don’t shave my hands. No idea how it got there and I didn’t even even notice it until I went to wash my hands and it stung. I ignored it at first but later I started thinking what if it was a bat? I didn’t see any bats flying around, my light was on the entire night because I slept late and forgot to turn it off. I also keep my door closed and windows shut. Surely I would have noticed something like a bat in my room right? That’s what I keep trying to tell myself but if course my mind keeps thinking: but what if it WAS a bat and it escaped without you noticing? It’s so weird. A few years ago I would have seen the cut and not thought anything of it. But now my mind goes immediately to rabies! I can’t deal with this fear. Have any of you guys woken up or gotten a random cut or scratch without knowing how it got there? I feel like that would give me some reassurance. Thank you for reading.