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health anxiety

  1. Sullyhogs

    How do hotel showers stand against Naegleria fowleri, the brain-eating amoeba? This is makin me anxious.

    Hey, everyone. I’m 24 years old and I know in some places, water can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. So I’m in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for a short vacation. I’ve already been here since Sunday, and I’ll be leaving this coming Sunday. I’m in a small condo with my mom, my dad’s mom...
  2. P

    Lump on throat (goiter? thyroid?)

    Hello everyone, i hope you are all doing well. I'm a 23 yo female I would please like some advice, a few months ago i noticed an "adam apple" like lump on the right side just off centre in the middle of my neck. it feels hard and mostly swollen on one side, so when i look in the mirror its a...
  3. H

    Women's Wellness Exam

    I've spent the last week hyping myself up for a Pap smear test the day after tomorrow, only to check my appointment and it says 'women's wellness exam', which includes more than just a Pap smear! There's the most dreaded pelvic exam, which is basically having the doctor feel around your privates...
  4. scared_nut

    I think I have a blood clot [PLEASE HELP]

    Hello all. I’m 16 and I need some help. For the last 3 months I have been dealing with heavy health anxiety. Throughout this time, I have been complaining about the discomfort I have on my right side. Poor circulation in my limbs, cold feet, frequent muscle spasms, tightness and pressure in...
  5. S

    Chest Pain but im 16 with anxiety whats wrong?

    Over a year ago I got diagnosed with panic disorder, GAD, and hypochondria. Im 16 now and ive had symptoms ranging from headaches, or what i thought were brain tumors, to kidney pain because kidney cancer is always an option of course. Those have all scared me in the past and have really...
  6. Trikay12113

    Worried about having the flu and going to the ER or doctors

    I’m wondering if I have the flu, symptoms came outta no where and I feel super icky and weird and I was thinking about going to the ER because I have other stuff going on as well so I’m not sure if it’s the flu or the other stuff causing it and it’s making me panic and I’m extremely worried. I...
  7. scared_nut

    Anyone willing to share their colon health scare? Need some perspectives

    Currently scared about colon illness possibilities. Need some relief from people who were in the same boat, some symptoms they had. Going to doctor soon
  8. scared_nut

    Rough day...Setback or New Concern? (Appreciate feedback)

    Been doing better with accepting that I have health anxiety as of the last day or so. I’m 15 and just got an appointment scheduled for Sat with a therapist. Today at school wasn’t so great though. This was my first time having a gym class in about a week due to schedules. With my heart fear I...
  9. scared_nut

    Heart Rate Increase After Eating? Concerned...

    I have health anxiety, had an two EKGs, a chest x-ray, and a blood test that have all come back clean in the last 36 days. Super conscious about heart. Notice that it gets fast after meals, and I feel what I can only describe as uneasy feeling. Really cold feet and hands. Makes it hard to accept...
  10. scared_nut

    Anxiety, Heart Concerns and My Current Health Scare (PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK)

    So I’m a guy, 15 years old. I had my first anxiety attack on Jan 11 so I’ve been dealing with this chronic stress for about a month. When it originally happened I was tested with two EKG tests and a chest x-ray, and blood test which all came out clean. However, since the tests and the doctors...
  11. Trikay12113

    Feeling really down right now

    I haven’t felt that good the last few days and it’s probably a bug or something but obviously having health anxiety it’s causing me mixed emotions right now. I can’t stop crying cause I’m trying not to freak out over my symptoms and I just want them gone already and I just really hate going...
  12. Trikay12113

    FREAKING OUT. I think I’m having An anxiety attack. HELP.

    I’m at a little get together and I’m feeling weird, super nauseous and head feels weird and I’m lightheaded and hot & sweaty and it’s freaking me out a lot and making me panic and I think I’m having an anxiety attack . Idk what to do. I’m not in the comfort of my own home to manage it better. Help.
  13. Trikay12113

    Feeling weird yet again

    I was wearing my AirPods a lot for a couple days and I didn’t wear them yesterday or today and I still feel like they are in my ears and it’s super annoying and causing me to have anxiety because it’s not going away. Also, my head is feeling weird and my legs feel wobbly when I walk and I’m...
  14. Trikay12113

    Anxiety physical symptoms, freaking me out before bed!

    My chest feels weird, my heart is racing, I’m nauseous, my head & eyes feel weird and I’m hot & sweaty. It’s all freaking me out and this is how my anxiety gets triggered by this kind of stuff happening. I went and looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked pale so it went down hill...
  15. Trikay12113

    Just got super worried! Help

    I was scrolling through my Facebook and noticed a post that said people who are/have stressed/burned out/depression/exhaustion are at risk for a stroke or heart attack because the all that adrenaline going through your bloodstream can cause your heart to go out of whack and what not. Now I’m...
  16. B

    std fear

    hi well mine started when my current bf had some wounds on his penis it was months into the relationship and he was a virgin before me it ended up being wounds because of the rubbing on his pants. so we paniced and since then i have a horrible fear of having std's and other sickness lately too...
  17. Trikay12113

    Freaking out, worried.

    So today I decided to go to urgent care because of the stomach pains and stuff I’m been having and turns out I have a UTI, which I got a kidney infection 2 years ago which started my whole severe health anxiety stuff, so this is making me extremely worried and making me freak out. The medication...
  18. Trikay12113

    Freaking out!

    I’m feeling really hot & sweaty/clammy, and my head feels weird and my eyes and I feel lightheaded and nauseous. It’s making me worried because Idk if it’s my anxiety causing it or not. It’s all freaking me out.
  19. Trikay12113


    So, I’ve been super nauseous the last few days but being nauseous is a regular for me because of my anxiety, so I can’t tell the difference and I’m scared to look up stuff and get my anxiety going even more. But i think I could possibly have the flu or getting the flu. I’ve been super nauseous...
  20. K

    I truly feel like I'm alone in my situation, haven't found anything similar. Finally posting about it

    Hey everyone, I'll try to make this brief but I just need to put this out here, because honestly I feel literally like the only one who's dealt with what I'm dealing with. If you have any time to read and reply I would be forever grateful. I'm a 38 year old male. Mid November I had a horrific...