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Hello - wondering if anyone can relate to hypersensitivity


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Mar 14, 2019
I was diagnosed with anxiety and I'm just wondering if anyone can relate to my symptoms to know how they deal with it.
I'm really hypersensitive to noises mostly, I jump easily with loud noises. Certain everyday noises such as eating, slamming doors, popping gum, tapping, or snapping. Any common noise can trigger me. I immediately get upset and if the sound doesn't stop I'll go into tears. I've tried Paxil but after researching it and knowing the side effects I dropped it (never helped much anyway). I'm not taking anything right now medication wise. I deal with it by using noise cancelling headphones which have helped a lot, and just fleeing most situations where any trigger is involved. I notice the smallest noises where I know who is eating just by the way they chew. It's every day and I can't concentrate until the noise stops. I've had this since I was 7 or maybe younger, but with the years the amount of noises that can trigger me have accumulated.
I also have digestive issues which is the usual I suppose, my hands tremble, and I'll just avoid some interactions with others. I rarely stress out to the point where my vision blurs and I feel like I'll lose control of my body since everything gets disoriented. I've tried changing my diet but regardless of what I eat it doesn't seem to help my gas which leads to more anxiety.
I understand that my hypersensitivity is probably just classical conditioning and associating a noise with a stressful time/memory. It doesn't help stop the issue though, even if it is an interesting thought. If anyone has any experiences/ideas it would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Nov 24, 2016
Yes ! This is the number 1 reason why I stoped taking zoloft. I used to experience sensitivity to light but, only certain noises set me off. Music was number 1. Your brain is messing with you right now. This is going to be hard but, the only way I got through it was to not let it bother me. This is going to be the toughest thing you will have to do and it's going to take all you got but,...you can do it because I did. It is a comfort to know though that it will go away on its own. How long have you been off of paxil? If it hasn't been long...then I can tell you that it's just the ssri trying to get out of your system still. You took a medication that altered your brain chemisty it has to get used to not having that chemical also. Be patient. ..it will go away it will just take time. Until then..talk to your doctor about it. See if they can prescribe you an anti anxiety.
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