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  1. L

    Pains and aches everywhere

    I have severe hypochondria. It’s only gotten worse with quarantine since I have a ton of time to overthink and worry. I’ve been having sharp and dull pains EVERYWHERE. My back, my shoulders, neck, head, jaw, chin, ears, arms, chest, armpits, hands, legs, feet, and pelvis. I’m very nervous. I...
  2. S

    Has anyone heard of anxiety symptoms being this intense?

    Hi, I am a 29 year old male and for the past 3 years I've been dealing with some debilitating symptoms that are persistent day in and day out. I always start focusing and reading too much into what my body is doing. For instance if I get a sinus infection in my mind it's meningitis or the...
  3. E

    Hello - wondering if anyone can relate to hypersensitivity

    Hello, I was diagnosed with anxiety and I'm just wondering if anyone can relate to my symptoms to know how they deal with it. I'm really hypersensitive to noises mostly, I jump easily with loud noises. Certain everyday noises such as eating, slamming doors, popping gum, tapping, or snapping. Any...
  4. sensitive_kat

    Anxiety with Hypersensitivity

    Hey there everybody! New here ! I been suffering from anxiety for about 8 years and it was under control for a while but a few months ago I started to get very anxious with any little pain I get. MY mind is always racing and constantly trying to figure out what I have. The more I worry the more...