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  1. C

    Face tension anxiety symptoms

    Hi fellow members. I have lived my last 6 years with physical symptoms that I cannot seem to bear anymore. I got fed up. I have this tension coming from my neck/shoulders shooting into my cheek from behind the jawline up to my mouth, and it feels as if the muscles keeping the mouth firm on...
  2. C

    Heart feeling?

    I was laying here and yesterday the same thing happened. But it feels like I can feel my blood rush through my heart, I would say palapations but it doesn’t feel like it skipped a beat or added one and normally I feel like I can’t breath for a second when a palpation happens! But this just feels...
  3. C


    I was feeling good yesterday and the day before and now tonight I was laying in bed and my stomach is hurting and my heart started pounding so I got up and got some water, and I just feel dizzy and sickly and feel like I might pass out. But it keeps going from I feel okay to feel ill then okay...
  4. C


    For some any time I have anxiety instead of just feeling anxious, my chest gets really cold like icy hot and I keep going in waves of freezing to burning and feel like I can’t breath and tongue tingles.
  5. S

    Has anyone heard of anxiety symptoms being this intense?

    Hi, I am a 29 year old male and for the past 3 years I've been dealing with some debilitating symptoms that are persistent day in and day out. I always start focusing and reading too much into what my body is doing. For instance if I get a sinus infection in my mind it's meningitis or the...
  6. A

    Symptoms are endless at this point

    It seems like I get a new symptom everyday. I'm sent into a full panic attack from tiny things (mosquito bites, thinking my food tastes a little bit funny, etc.) and my face goes numb and it feels like I'm on the verge of fainting every time. this happens multiple times a day now and it gets in...
  7. Grace360

    Why, morning fatigue: trilogy of complaints

    I wake up and feel like my body wants to go back to sleep. I heard that's a symptom of depression. That plus my shortness of breath and all this other stuff. Aches and pains in random places. All of it doesn't feel good together, quite frankly. I wanted to enjoy the day today. Go have a picnic...
  8. E

    Hello - wondering if anyone can relate to hypersensitivity

    Hello, I was diagnosed with anxiety and I'm just wondering if anyone can relate to my symptoms to know how they deal with it. I'm really hypersensitive to noises mostly, I jump easily with loud noises. Certain everyday noises such as eating, slamming doors, popping gum, tapping, or snapping. Any...
  9. W

    Freaked out about rabies.. need help

    So on May 26th 2018, I was bit by a 1 year old Male German Shepherd on the foot and it hurt pretty bad. He punctured my foot in two spots. I washed it right away and went to hospital the next day. Doctor said it was infected and gave me antibiotics. After 7 days the swelling and redness went...
  10. Natasha0717

    Cancer, stroke, deadly virus, heart attack, going blind, going deaf

    Pick your poison. :arghh: Which one scares you the most? Or should I say....which one do you focus on the most, obsess about the most, and RESEARCH the most. I guess my biggest one will always be cancer. I was already scared of brain tumors at the age of 12. And now I seem to be totally focused...