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Hard time quitting my job


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Jul 24, 2019
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First of all I am new here and don’t really know how it all works but I’ll give it a shot.
I am currently a part time employee at a store, and because of some issues with the way they run their business and because it’s time for me to move on, I have decided to quit. The problem is that I have really really bad anxiety, and I can’t even think about talking to my boss about this without having a panic attack. This is because I hate confronting people,and I know since it is a small company they will have a hard time for a while. It weighs very heavily on my concience and I feel like I need to get out. (Just writing this gave me a panic attack wow). I also have other jobs on the side that pays better and that I love more. How can I possibly get out of this situation without ruining myself, my reputation at work or the chance for a better future for myself? Thanks beforehand for any responses!


May 12, 2019
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Having a tough conversation like that is never easy. I’ve been there a few times! Here’s what might help. Write out your resignation and hand it to your boss and let him/her read it while you stand there. It will feel like the longest 1-2 minutes of your life but it may help!

Otherwise I would just go into work and as you catch your boss walking by say “hey do you have a second to chat?” And see if they can step away with you outside or even just outside of your general work area.

Hopefully that helps!


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Jul 10, 2019
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also try to remember that this isn't personal and is part of doing business. you're not the first person to quit and you won't be the last... especially if you're doing something that's considered "entry level" or "non-skilled."


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Aug 20, 2019
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Hatbox has it right. Just write it down. If you can work a 2 week notice that would be ok. Generally employers like when you do that, if you can handle being there for another 2 weeks just write a note that says the last day that you’ll be there and stick to it. That gives them time to find a replacement. If you just cannot take it anymore write a letter that says that you resign your position immediately and either hand it to them and let them read it, hand it to them and walk out, or just leave it on a desk at the end of the day and go home. I did that once, I’m sure they didn’t appreciate it but for my own mental health I had to go and I didn’t want to deal with the confrontation. I came in early before anyone else, typed a letter, handed it to someone and went home.