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Anxiety about the future is consuming me


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Jul 23, 2019
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I've always been a very anxious person. I worry about thing's I shouldn't worry about, and even little things can cause me to spiral a bit. But lately it's been out of control. This whole summer I've been worried mostly about climate change. No matter how much good news I read, it always come's back to the fact that there's a slight chance nothing will get done and we'll be doomed. I know, heavy stuff to be worried about. It's been getting to the point where it's consuming my thoughts and I can't do anything other than think about it and work myself up. It's been affecting my sleep. I've asked my parent's to talk to a counselor or a therapist but my mom said she won't pay for something that I can just talk to her about, but I know if I talk to her she'll tell me to just not worry about it.
I know that this is a long post, but I just need someone to tell me something or give me advice so when I start spiraling I can read it later to make myself feel better and to know that everything is gonna be okay.


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Jun 2, 2019
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Hi bluerose, welcome to the forum first of all. Happy to have you here. Very sorry to hear that you have been consumed with anxiety for most of your life. I can't imagine how much you have worried about over the course of your life.
I too have my worries about climate change. Since it has become a pertinent topic in our society nowadays, I'm sure it has caused anxiety in most people all across the world, myself included.
Here's the advice that I would offer to you. As much as we feel like we have nothing we can do ourselves to save the planet, you can always do your little part by recycling, using reusable straws, whatever that may be. Do as much as you can on your end, and realize that you are making a difference on your end. That should be all the satisfaction that you need.
I've given this saying to most people on this forum and to most people who I've talked to that my mom gave me, "You can't control the rain". What does she mean by that?
We can't control when it will rain, but we can choose how we react to it. Do we put on a jacket or use an umbrella? Or do we just let ourselves get soaked and be unpleasant?
Same goes with anxiety. Do we find ways to use self-help to counter our anxiety? Or do we live an un-lived life consumed with fears over something that doesn't pertain to us? Ask yourself that question when you worry.
In terms of what your mom thinks about therapy, ask her to call to certain mental health facilities in your city and see if you can do an informational session on what all goes into therapy. Have her become educated on the HIGH, and I mean, HIGH benefits of therapy. I can be a testament to that. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for therapy.
I hope you can find comfort in this post :)


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May 24, 2018
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I feel you, I get similar worries. My biggest one is probably a war breaking out and then a few lower-scale ones like having my flat burn down, being robbed or raped or something happening to my loved ones.

I wish I had an advice for you but even after 11 years of these worries (and possibly longer, I remember being afraid of robbery as young as 12) I still don't know how to control the fears. The only times when I stop thinking about the future and live in the moment is when I do something engaging, which for me is computer gaming and drawing. That's my biggest coping mechanism for anxiety in general - finding a hobby that can make you forget about everything else :)