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  1. B

    How Does Health Anxiety Affect.... Everything?

    I joined this community - like many of you - to simply to get some health related reassurance, guidance, support, etc. I've experienced severe health anxiety through most of my childhood and adult life. Sometimes, depending on what's going on in my life, it isn't as bad. Other times, it's...
  2. J

    constantly worrying about heart!!!

    I'm 17 and for the last 2 years I've been living very unhealthy. Smoked cigarettes, drunk lots of coffe, didn't eat breakfast, used to get drunk, smoked weed... I also had a lot social problems with friends, guy I really loved used to use me, had a lot of mental breakdowns, besides that I was...
  3. B

    Anxiety about the future is consuming me

    I've always been a very anxious person. I worry about thing's I shouldn't worry about, and even little things can cause me to spiral a bit. But lately it's been out of control. This whole summer I've been worried mostly about climate change. No matter how much good news I read, it always come's...
  4. J

    Excitement causing anxiety

    So I recently just designed a blog and opened it up to the public. I am super excited as I have always wanted to do something like this. Writing is my passion and I am trying to make it more of a priority in my life. I have gotten to the point where I normally have a pretty good handle on my...
  5. R

    Returning to work tomorrow after six weeks off with workplace anxiety

    I am feeling very anxious right now and dreading tomorrow as I am due to return to work. I had been signed off by my doctor for six weeks off work, due to work anxiety and stress . My six weeks are now up and I am returning on a phased return starting Tuesday, as suggested by my GP. (I shall...