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Discussion in 'Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)' started by Chrislochhead, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Chrislochhead

    Chrislochhead New Member

    Hi I have an idea for an app and I am in the final stage of its development.but I need help from the community to make it as useful as possible for anyone with anxiety and anxiety related depression.
    To give a bit of background my name is chris and three years ago I had my first panic attack. Now I'm twenty and I am quite literally anxiety free. After three Long unbearable years of the suffering caused by anxiety I have worked through all my symptoms and systematically cured them.
    When I was in the middle of my depressed stage I promised myself if I ever found a way to do more than just "cope" I would tell everyone, and I did, so that's what the idea with this app is.
    The app is called Stop Anxiety Permanently and it contains a series of articles which I plan to add to in future updates detailing not only what I did to combat and beat my anxiety, but also what I discovered are seemingly "good" ideas all over the internet in order to stop anxiety which actually do more long term bad than good.
    Also I will include a set of contact information for people to personally message me with questions or even just to talk about anxiety and how my advice can be implemented into everyone's individual lifestyles.
    What I need help from you is advice. Would you buy this from what I've told you ? Is there any other features I should add that you feel would be useful ? I also admit that I will need to charge for this app something like 79p although the app will have no adverts and no micro purchases for any of the features. I was going to charge some kind of fee for personal messaging with me but honestly I don't need that much money and I certainly don't want to exploit people's anxiety for my own gain. Personal financial reasons dictate that I have to make at least something from this app so I genuinely apologise but it could be worse. We have all seen those nonesense self help books and DVDs claiming the secret "cure" to anxiety that cost hundreds of pounds.
    Any replies to this post would be massively appreciated as this app is for our community and I want this app to be as useful to you as the information it contains was to me.
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  3. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    While I don't wish to discourage you, but paying for an app isn't what people want to do unless it is established and something that they know is worthwhile.

    As an outsider, I would ask the following questions: What qualifications do you have to give advice? How do you know what you say may not cause triggers?
    Also consider, people with anxiety are vulnerable people and apps that have no authentication will be frowned up.

    Personally, I think this is a topic that is so sensitive that even a forum like this can trigger people if the wrong thing is said. I think it's best left to the professionals and maybe have a website or blog where people can refer to and read if they wish.
  4. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Hiya @Chrislochhead. Thanks for your care to help others by sharing your success story, but I am afraid that I am in agreement with @Alex. There are numerous triggers that can set anyone off having panic attacks and all sorts if the wrong things are said. I can be thinking about something, for example, and the next minute I'm blubbering my heart out. It could be anything, on the TV, or internet, even a book. A blog would be a great idea though, with perhaps a small fee for messaging with you. Before you embark upon giving and charging for advice with a promise of permanently stopping anxiety, perhaps do a course in psychology.

    Remembering also, that a lot of people who suffer from depression or anxiety are not able to work and they would prefer a free blog to interact rather than a paid app that may not help them. Everyone is different so your app may help some, but I would be concerned with any triggers you may unintentionally set off.

    I hope you come on this forum a lot @Chrislochhead because I am sure your shared experiences will inspire a lot of people on here. :happy:
  5. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    Maybe an idea would to be have a donate PayPal button on the site as most people do? I used to have a therapist who was highly rated and had written papers in top London Universities, and he managed to say something that triggered me and put me off therapy for months.

    At times I feel that people that have conquered anxiety feel that they wish to help and think they know how, but each person responds differently. There are times where I cannot help, and times that all I can do is listen and be there for someone. Often the answers stem from something that is hidden away, and an app won't unearth that I am afraid.
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