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Heart feeling?


Aug 8, 2019
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I was laying here and yesterday the same thing happened. But it feels like I can feel my blood rush through my heart, I would say palapations but it doesn’t feel like it skipped a beat or added one and normally I feel like I can’t breath for a second when a palpation happens! But this just feels like I can feel the blood rushing in my heart and last about 2 seconds and it happened last night around the same time, but what I’ve notice is it happens after I drink pop?! Cause all day I feel fine and then it happens after I have dinner and that’s the only time I have pop usually I try not too


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Sep 23, 2019
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Caffeine can cause palpitations. Palpitations are not just the sensation of skipped beats, but any awareness of the heart beating - skipped beats, extra beats, pounding, forceful beats, etc. It's also not uncommon after a meal, especially if it's a heavy meal. Digestion puts more demand on the heart because of an increase in demand for blood supply and the like.