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  1. B

    Tornado phobia help

    Hi, I am new here but I haven't seen anyone else posting about this. I have had anxiety for most of my life, and have been diagnosed with panic disorder, gad, ocd, and some other stuff. I have been on Zoloft for 4 years and my panic attacks are mostly under control. What I struggle with the most...
  2. J

    Convinced I'm schizophrenic/having sleep paralysis/hypnagogic hallucinations. Help!

    Hi. I’m 27 years old. I’ve had anxiety my entire life, but not like this. About 3 weeks ago, I had extremely severe episode of sleep paralysis, which I’d had before, but not with any hallucinations. I saw a figure and heard my ex’s voice. I can’t tell if I was actually dreaming or if I had my...
  3. Nat_tat

    Hey, new here.

    Hi guys, my name is Nat and this is my first time on any type of anxiety forum. I go to counseling for my anxiety currently, but I haven't tried being a part of any type of community. I'm 23 years old and I can remember becoming anxious prominently around the age of 10.It started off with a...
  4. Peacelily

    Fear of choking and fear of exercise

    I never used to be afraid of eating food or of exercising before, until recently when I nearly choked on a piece of popcorn (I still have the foreign body sensation in my throat, since no dr has examined my throat with a nose scope yet) last week. I went to the ER and the physician assistant...
  5. Natasha0717

    Has your phobia ever caused you to act foolishly in front of others?

    A couple of mine have caused me to act like a complete fool in front of the general public. The first one, BEES. I am scared to death of bees. I am known for running around store parking lots, convinced the bee that was previously chasing me has somehow ended up in my hair, I have pulled my...