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Worry of undetected covid


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May 19, 2019
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I hate how much media I really do unknowingly consume. I just enjoy my time on the internet and come across things. The latest that has been worrying me being any variation of stories of people coming down with covid, rapidly getting worse, dying. People straight up dropping dead from covid. Of course this doesn't help my anxiety. I have that anxiety symptom that's shortness of breath. Even it I had Covid I probably wouldn't tell. This dang shortness of breath is annoying. Sitting in bed plus having the stuffy nose with it, feeling like I can't breath
Feeling like I could just stop breathing at any moment basically. I can never tell if my feelings are allergies or anxiety or actual covid. My only symptoms are runny nose stuffy nose almost every day and the shortness of breath. Can't tell either way. I hate this feeling and I basically just have to sit and be worried about it.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Honestly I have yet to hear such a story over this side of the world. Someone just dropping dead from Covid. few people had heart attacks. But they had heart conditions for years. It was found they had Covid. So Covid was blamed on their deaths. Which, to me, is wrong. it was explained by a health expert. If you die in a car crash. But they find out you had Covid, that is written up as the cause of death. Not the car crash. I just think it is silly. Even get shot in the head and you had Covid, Covid is the cause of death. Not the fact that somebody shot you in the head. These people dropping dead probably had something else wrong with them. You know how the media is. Let us all blame it on Covid.