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Scared.. new variants


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May 19, 2019
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I never got vaccinated. I'm really close to doing so, even though I'm afraid of the things I've heard about it. Heart issues and the like.
I might just bite it. I've been saying it a while but I need to actually.
I heard about all these new variants and these people who thought it was allergies and it ended up being covid. That of course scared me. I have allergies all the time anyway. Literally year round. But of course now my anxiety is telling me that I have covid and all my other symptoms also tie into the covid. I've only ever taken at home covid tests but they are all negative.
I don't know. I'm just really, really terrified.
In my mind either I take the chance of complication of myocarditis or something else from the vaccine.. or many of the other terrible terrible things that can happen to me if I get covid.
I think I might get that vaccine tomorrow.