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Low grade fever & anxiety?


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Jul 20, 2020
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Hi, everybody. New here.

I developed some fairly significant health anxiety a couple of years back when my stepdad died after a short lung illness. I am the mother of a couple of small kids and it wasn't until after they were born that I started feeling like I struggled with anxiety. All this said, mine isn't nearly as debilitating as some have. It flares up though.

I've been pretty cautious during quarantine, but had myself convinced that it was ok to hang out with people outside with some social distancing protocols in place. I'm really regretting that now. Ten days ago I had drinks in the driveway with a friend while we watched our kids play in the sprinkler. She called me Friday night to say her husband (who didn't hang with us) had tested positive. He had barely been anywhere until going into work for a couple of hours between the time she and I had hung out and when they took their tests. My friend was negative, but we know how those negative tests can be. He had a scratchy throat for one day but for now doesn't have symptoms and is quarantined at their house.

After I heard, I resolved not to work or see anyone until I got a negative test. I had really convinced myself that there was little chance of a positive test, after days of piecing together timelines and obsessive googling. Finally got my test today. I haven't had any symptoms and have been checking my temperature often throughout all this, partially for work (not exposed to unmasked people there, FWIW) and partially because of my health anxiety. It has been normal.

Today at the clinic where I was tested my temperature was 99.5. Not technically a fever but definitely elevated. It is extremely hot outside, but I had only just walked directly from my car to the clinic. My white coat anxiety raises my blood pressure in medical settings, but I've never known it to raise my body temp. However, I know some people will tell you that anxiety can cause a slight elevation in temperature. Any experience with this?

I'm supposed to get my test results Wednesday. Will not work until then. Will limit close contact with my family (though that ship has likely sailed...) Just desperate to find some peace of mind to grab onto between now and then.