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Have you ever questionated your gender identity?


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Nov 13, 2019
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I've been quite anxious these past 6 months over anything my mind would pay attention to. This past weekend I question came to my mind: what if I'm trans? what if I'm not who I thought I was? I got so confused to the point I didn't know who I was. I was extremley anxious about that 'what if...?' I never questionated my gender identity nor felt uncomfortable with my body or pronouns/name. Now I may be a bit more conscious about how people call me but It's not bc I'm uncomfortable, I don't dislike it.
Now I'm more calm I don't think about it as much but sometimes it comebacks and start overthinking, honestly sometimes I feel scared idk.
Has this ever happened to you?


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Sep 14, 2019
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No, never. I love me just the way I am. Who/What makes you overthink who you are?


Nov 11, 2019
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Sure, when I was between 15 and 25 the thought passed through my mind from time to time. Mostly as a consequence of trying to see some situation from the viewpoint of a different gender. I never let it bother me, and its good to remember that the mind is generating random thoughts constantly. Its part of how we discover and express creativity. You can choose to engage with the thought or not; having the thought is neither good nor bad. Its just a thought, and if you don't give it emotional power by worrying about it, it will fade as all other thoughts do.


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Apr 14, 2019
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For some people the mind can be a curious thing. Wondering about all sorts of things. I would say that is just one of those things. Not saying you want to be another gender. Just thinking about life as one of the other 52 or however many gender types there is these days. Bit like a woman with no kids. She sees a woman with kids. She wonders about that. Her with kids. What would it be like to me a mother of kids.

Curious ( Not in the same way ) but you wrote pronouns / names. Is this whole pronoun thing a new way that we are meant to call the various multitude of confused people? Those who refuse to say female or male.