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Government says covid is improving but i feel worse


Apr 12, 2020
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Government says covid situation is gettin better i live in the uk and in norfolk where they say the "R" number is lowest but i cant shake the thought of having it i feel like i keep having to take a deep breath and sometimes feel my chest going abit tight n feel short of breath have no couch still smell and taste nothing else out of the ordinary what so ever i read someone on facebook saying he needed a paramedic out cause he couldnt take a deep breath ever aince i read that one status ive felt like this even though ive been through this for the last 12 weeks


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Apr 14, 2019
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I am in Ireland. Just across the sea from you. The number of deaths in England has come down. That is not saying the virus has gone away. All about playing it safe still. i would say the same for Ireland. Deaths are lower. But we have been warned not to be stupid. Not to think it has vanished. A lot of the country is opening up again. But restrictions are still in place in all shops. They will be there for a long time. Both in your country and my country. But things are improving in England. I think the simple fact is that people know the virus is still out there. This will always play on the minds of some people. Just go by the rules you have been going by all along.


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Feb 13, 2020
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That's what I intend to do just here some people.are ignorant and dont respect your space
A few of said ignorant people also dislike wearing a mask because it ”doesn’t feel comfortable.”