Getting back to a place where something happened.

Discussion in 'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)' started by Laneorexorcist, Aug 14, 2016.

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    Almost every last panic attack i've ever had has been in a car. I'm always apprehensive before being in a car for any amount of time. I can still work but, I have problems there too. I have panic attacks at work too lately. I know exactly what your going through. Unless someone else knows what it's like to have panic attacks out of the blue. . Unfortunately. .. you will have judgment. I know it's not fair but, you will. My mother I remember used to have panic attacks when I was a child and unfortunately I would judge her . ( i'm ashamed to say ) . I would say to myself ( why can't she just calm down and chill? ) but, now that I kn ow first hand what she was going through... let's just say that I apologize to her alot now. My mother later found out that she had panic disorder and got the help necessary for her to start to live a moderately normal life ( as normal as you could get anyway)lol. I apparently suffer the same thing but, from severe depression. Counseling does do wonders. You tell them what you go through every day and they actually have an explanation for it and to me... that means the world. They will evaluate the medication that you are on too to make sure that it's doing you any good . If it's not though , unfortunately they will have to keep a you on it a couple of more months to slowly wean you off of them because you can't just get off anti depressants just like that. And also to talk to someone impartial with no judgment is going to be just what you need. Trust me.. going to counseling is the best decision you could've ever made. And CBT therapy will possibly be suggested but, watch out it takes forever it seems to see results. But, it got promise. Anyway, good luck on your journey to recovery and remember. .. your not alone and i'm here to talk whenever you need.
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