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Fears develop into corona?


May 19, 2019
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So I've been taking medicine lately for bronchospasm and sinusitis. Bronchospasm was pulled on by allergies to my cat. Ive been taking amoxicillian and just finished prednisone. Still taking amoxil, a few more days to go. Amoxil is inducing malise and diarrhea, and nausea. My stomach is always churning. Not to mention my breathing feels.. well hard to describe. Shallow? Feels like I'm thinking about breathing. Or it feels like theres a hole in my chest and the air is like coming through there or something. Like I could just stop breathing at any moment because it feels so weird.

Now today seems worse. I have been coughing productively. But it feels so odd. It feels like slime or saliva is constantly backed up at the top of my chest no matter how many times I cough. Its clear. Seems like it started after I dropped dull scissor blades on my like foot bone. Could be my anxiety though. But it reminds me of somewhere I heard covid lungs were like filled with liquid. It feels uncomfortable enough to be true. Like even just sitting here I feel like its just saliva stuck but its not coming up with coughing. She suggested testing for covid but I don't think we have the money for it. I'm just worried. I already feel like crap.