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Anxiety or symptoms?


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May 19, 2019
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So today I've been feeling real sick. Tomorrow I have a Covid test but me being a hypochondriac, I'm still gonna be worried sick until then. I just don't wanna have another panic attack tonight. I had one yesterday.
So my symptoms. I am on my period but I don't think it's that. The one that set me off was the excessive stuffy nose. Then I took a very long nap today. Symptoms now are malice. Could be anxiety but still. Body aches. Mostly when I raise my feet up I get aches below my shin. My back a little bit. Fatigued to the max. I'm basically just floating around when I am walking. Im just sitting here worried sick about myself. All of these variables. My period, possible coronavirus, my anxiety. And I can't pinpoint which symptom points to which because they all correspond to each other.