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    Newcomer - Social anxiety and paranoia

    Hi all, I have persistent treatment-resistant social anxiety and paranoia, I might be schizotypal. I would like to connect to people with experience of intense social anxiety to share useful information, treatment experience and for social support. If anyone would like to converse with me and...
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    How Does Health Anxiety Affect.... Everything?

    I joined this community - like many of you - to simply to get some health related reassurance, guidance, support, etc. I've experienced severe health anxiety through most of my childhood and adult life. Sometimes, depending on what's going on in my life, it isn't as bad. Other times, it's...
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    Natural Supplements that Help Anxiety

    Anxiety really sucks. I have been living a nightmare. I've discovered some natural supplements along the way that have been a huge help. Most of them can be found at my local grocery store. Heres the video:
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    I Am Having Severe Anxiety After Moving Out

    Hi everyone! I’m new here, but I really just need some advice and support from a community that understands what I’m going through. About a year ago, my dad received a new job in Chicago, IL (we’re from NY) and moved out there. My mother and him are still together, so she spent the next year...