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physical sickness

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    Anxiety at Work

    Hey, I’m new here. Just wanted a place to join a group of people who understood and appreciated current struggles I’m battling. Recently I have felt very under attack at work - I often get shouted at for things I’m “doing wrong” (mostly things that are out of my control or genuinely aren’t my...
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    It’s 8:15 about an hour ago I had 2 cigarettes and I normally vape I don’t smoke: but I did today and now I don’t know if it was the smoking but now I feel like I could puke. I feel weak and sick like I could pass out and nuseous. I’m sitting at a bench where I live. It keeps coming in waves. I...
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    Panic attack question

    So this is a bit of a long story I’ll try to simplify it. Back on July fourth I was pretty sick and days before leading up to it and that day I was taking DayQuil (I’m super sensitive to cold meds) anyways I also drank with some friends. The 5th I woke up in a complete and utter panic with...
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    Not what I expected

    Hey all, Let me start by saying that I’ve suffered since I was a teenager with anxiety. I was medicated for a couple years around 19, but then I was able to cope without medication until recent circumstances. In Sept 2017 I quit my career which felt like it was spiralling to travel Europe and...