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new member

  1. R

    New in here, my short story

    Hi all. I just signed up to the forum, a little about me: I've had anxiety disorder for a little over 3 months now, it started of as a huge panic attack 2x 4 hours, and then my thoughts kinda snowballed into a disorder. I got the panic attacks under control, i'm having 1-2 a week now from 2-3...
  2. T.K.

    Hello everyone

    I’m new to this site. I’m 25 y/o with gad, depression, ocd, and haphephobia(the fear of being touched) you can imagine how wonderful and adventurous my life is... I hope you got the joke, my situation makes me feel hopeless. I can’t work because of it or have normal relationships(friendships or...
  3. lilmisswordnerd

    Already feeling better having found this

    Hi, all. A nervous and somewhat glad greeting to you. I've been suffering from general anxiety since graduate school (about 5-6 years). Before that, I suffered from very deep depression in high school, with quite the nice little break in-between them in college. I'm so glad I found this forum...
  4. P

    Scared and Afraid

    Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting on this site and just the act of typing my emotions and feelings is starting to feel better, but i'm still extremely scared right now. This past weekend my anxiety just does not want to go away. I've suffered from anxiety attacks in the past but...
  5. L

    New here and unsure

    Hello, I've never joined a community forum before, but this anxiety has gotten so bad and as much as my husband is there for me and so incredibly supportive, he hasn't experienced it and doesn't understand. I guess I'm looking for people who are like me so I don't feel so abnormal. My...
  6. Jasmin Cottontail

    Few Days Old :)

    Hello everyone! I just joined recently like a few days ago I think. It's nice be in a forum like this where we can talk about mental health issues without being embarrassed or having self-pity. I hope we can help each other and share thoughts as well. Let's have a good time, shall we? :D  
  7. Jasmin Cottontail

    Howdy Everyone! Newbie here :)

    Hello everyone! I'm a new member here. Hope there are a lot of topics to talk about and discuss. Looking forward in sharing ideas with you guys! Cheers!