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    Worried I have lymphoma

    Hi everyone. I feel slightly silly posting about this as the logical part of my brain is telling me it’s probably nothing. But the nagging anxiety is pushing me to reach out. I am hesitant to go to my doctor because I was there recently (for unrelated reasons) and mentioned I had been suffering...
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    I feel like I'm going crazy

    Hello everyone, lately I have grown accustomed to this forum because at the beginning go July my groin lymph nodes swell up because of a skin infection and while I feel like one went down a little bit I am still incredibly scared about why they have not gone down completely. I went to my GP 4...
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    I need help

    Hey everyone, I posted on here a couple of weeks ago because I was worried about some swollen lymph nodes in my groin area but since posting I started spiraling into even worse anxiety, I spend my days touching my neck, armpits, groin and pushing around the skin only to eventually be able to...
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    Sore Lymph nodes for two months now

    Hello everyone, i am new here so pardon the long paragraph: i am a 21 years old male, no previous serious health conditions whatsoever, at the beginning of July a itch started bothering me above my thigh and throughout the course of a week a circular skin rash appeared on the spot that was itchy...
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    Swollen lymph node in neck and under chin

    Hello everyone, I hope whoever is reading this is doing well ❤ Basically about a year ago I noticed a small swollen lymph node in the back of my neck on the left. I waited it out for a few weeks and saw a few doctors. Then finally was given an ultrasound appointment to check it out, the doctor...