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  1. G

    Fear of heart disease and dying in sleep

    Hello, I'm 21 year old male and for the past 6 years Im obsessed with my heart in the worst way possible. Im convinced I have arrythmia even tho i had several ECGs, 2 Holter monitors and a stress test and heart ultrasound done on me. All came out perfectly fine. I suffer from anxiety as well. I...
  2. A

    Unsure of how to deal with the fear and the anxiety

    About half a year earlier, in my 12th standard, I remember there was a guy in tuition class whom I thought was kind of nervous. I was sitting next to him, and I knew that his forelegs were tight. I could feel the fear radiating off him. I think I imbibed some of that fear, and before I knew it...
  3. Grace360

    Why, morning fatigue: trilogy of complaints

    I wake up and feel like my body wants to go back to sleep. I heard that's a symptom of depression. That plus my shortness of breath and all this other stuff. Aches and pains in random places. All of it doesn't feel good together, quite frankly. I wanted to enjoy the day today. Go have a picnic...
  4. R

    It's Getting Extreme...

    since i was really young i've experienced really bad fright of movies, scary stories, etc one time i listened to a group of scary stories and i literally had to sleep with my mom for the next two years and i've always been really bad with the dark, windows, claustrophobia, etc it gets to the...
  5. N

    Fear of goin crazy

    ı have this for 5 years. I cant get through fear of going crazy. I am really terrified. I dont know what i do lately. Is there anyone have this fear? Pls help me :’(
  6. LizzieB

    I’m new here and don’t know what i’m doing

    So, my name is Lizzie, I’ve got anxiety and depression. My meds are increasing every month but here I am... because nothing is working