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Worry about kidneys


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May 19, 2019
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Does anyone ever get stomach cramps or like a pang in the abdomen somewhere and just your anxiety skyrockets. I just have seen too many stories of that being a symptom before something terrible happens to someone. Plus I have worry about my kidneys and something being wrong with them. I made the mistake of looking up the symptoms of kidney failure and now I think I got it. That or a stomach ulcer or just some abdominal issue. My abdomen just feels stagnant and it makes me anxious when I feel that. I felt some pangs in the left side too.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Oh heck, just go to a hospital. Gets loads of tests done and find out there is nothing wrong with you. Like you did the last time. But there comes a time you have to accept the results of all these tests. Then cop on it is all just anxiety doing everythintg to you. but if tests make you feel better, have loads more tests done. They won't find a single thing. Because there is nothing to find. And you won't believe the results anyway. But have them done. Let them check the various organs out you think are damged.