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Work problems and overthinking


Jan 3, 2022
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I overthink every little thing at work. When someone criticises I will think about it for a long time and hold grudges.
When its the holiday season I cover at a different branch once a week. The manager here is such a perfectionist and picky compared to my own manager. Anyway long story short yesterday I was there again but the manager wasnt in I was working with a colleague. She was showing me a list that the manager gave some tasks I will be doing that I dont normally do but her own staff does. The colleague said she stood up for me and said to her that its not fair as everyone works differently at there own branch and the manager replied back saying that she will learn and work my way when shes here. I was so annoyed and upset.
We were talking about how picky she is and I even said I wouldnt want to work with her. To be honest I dont care even if that person snitches on me.
My question is, do you think the manager is right wanting me to do it her own way while at there store or is the colleague right?