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    You ever wonder as a child when they taught you how to share . That was where I learned to put other a before myself. But. Where does that end ? It teaches people to put to be push overs like I am . Since when we're we taught as children not be good to yourself? Sonce when we're we taught to put ourselves on the back burner? I was taught as a child that if you didn't share then you were a bad person. Shouldn't we also be taught that there's a limit though? We live in a society where people take advantage of each other and people like me .. a type of person that wouldn't love anything more than to make others happy gets the worst of it. Why is it so wrong to be selfish in life? It seems they get to be happy while people like me and people like you. . sacrifice. Is us sacrificing ourselves causing at least some of our mental illness? What your opinion?
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    I think you raise a very valid point. We live in a society that is conditioned to look out for number one.

    If you have a loving giving personality associating with the wrong individuals is going to expose you to abuse.
    For that reason be selective about the people you associate yourself with. Rather have one or two close friends that are genuine than a lot of fly by night characters. It is the simplest way to live and if someone uses you, leave them. Life is to short and your personality wasted on this type of person. Find people that will appreciate who you are. we
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