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Where are you in your journey tonight?

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Hey everyone - Just a check-in with everyone. You know how maps of malls, hotels, theme parks, whatever have the YOU ARE HERE marker? :) So where are you today, in your journey through this?

I'll start - I go up and down with periods of stability, and periods of high anxiety followed by depression. I am struggling with the depression at the moment. Feeling some unfulfilled goals and dreams more heavily than usual. I am struggling with getting out of bed and doing things, feeling isolated from friends and family, etc. The anxiety is getting better, though, and from experience I know this will cycle back around. I feel determined to keep working on getting off this crazy train and stopping the cycle, so haven't lost hope.

Thanks for all the support we give each other here...
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By the way - I believe this came on because I wasn't taking good care of myself. Not eating well, exercising, practicing self-care...I've been overworking..such a hard lesson to learn.
I've been doing a lot better..but I too haven't been taking care of myself the last couple days. I had too much sugar lol anyways, I had bad anxiety today. Haven't had it this bad in awhile, but hopefully I can manage to get it back to a healthier level !!!


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Pretty high anxiety on most days which I unfortunately deal with by almost never leaving my property. Just generally overwhelmed most of the time with an occasional panic attack thrown in.


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I'm on Lexapro and Klonopin and have been on some form of anti-anxiety medications for over 40 years. I'm 65 years old and was able to fight the anxiety when I was younger and had a pretty good career while hiding the disorder from almost everyone. When I got into my mid fifties the battle was too exhausting and I eventually went on disability.

Take better care of yourself if you can. Hopefully soon they'll develop an anxiety med that actually can control the anxiety instead of just the current ones that just temper the symptoms.