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what i have learnt


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Aug 5, 2020
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hey guys not many of you would know but i was struggling with a problem for quite some time (if you know you'll know what i am talking abt). I'm finally over it thank God i have a positive mindset!:).

earlier on today i just had a panic attack but it wasn't to do with this problem. then me and my mum went for a drive and a walk. then i got home had a shower where i came up with this quote that really stood out to me which is "you can't fight the feeling you have for someone. You just accept it and choose how it affects you"

hopefully this quote can help some of you out if you have had a breakup with you boyfriend or girlfriend. i know that breakups take a lot of time to get over,but there is one extra tool you can use.

thanks for listening,god bless x