What helped me cope with my mental illness.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by 17emilyhalko, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. 17emilyhalko

    17emilyhalko Junior Member

    Hello all! I don't know if anyone has shared a similar experience about recovering and coping, but in case nobody has, I think that it would be a great idea to share my experience. First I would like you guys to get to know about my situation: I am a seventeen year old girl, who has always been easily upset or angered from a very young age. My mother never understood why I was so irritable, but I always knew that it was just because I never was really happy. As I got older, my closer friends realized that I was very unpredictable. One night I would be a happy flower, and the next night I would do something horrible, something that they didn't expect of me, something that was self-destructive. Most of the time, however, I was just stricken with a crippling emptiness that made me cry and made me irritable around everyone who knew me. I was unsanitary too; I wouldn't brush my teeth or change my clothes. I still have a hard time washing my clothes. Later on in life, I developed anorexia, and finally got help for my other mental illness along with that. I was diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, and generalized anxiety. What helped me cope with my mental illness was significantly changing my diet around. I eat healthier things, like things from whole foods. I also eat low carb (personal preference), but there is a gut-brain connection, and when your gut is happy, your brain is a little happier too. There even has been scientific research on it! If you struggle with your mental illness, try switching around your diet! It has made my mental illness a lot easier to cope with.
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  3. kelden

    kelden Junior Member

    Mmm switching around my diet. Never thought about that as a mental illness relief, only that when I'm hungry I get anxious and cranky :biggrin: . Now that I give more thought about it, makes sense, I remember feeling quite fine and relaxed after eating fresh cold fruits from the fridge, like a banana or apples.
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  4. listener1987

    listener1987 Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm happy you've found such success by changing your diet! I'm wondering, did you ever try medication for your various diagnoses? Did it help?

    I'm glad you didn't make the claim "Just eat better and you'll be healed." That's my pet peeve (along with "Just think positive thoughts.") It's not a cure - but everyone knows your body will feel better if you don't eat junk food all the time. So why wouldn't your brain feel better if you switch up your diet?

    Thanks for sharing!
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  5. gracer

    gracer Member

    @17emilyhalko Thank you so much for sharing about your situation and your coping method. I have never really thought of modifying my diet as a way of helping me feel better about myself. Since you mentioned that you suffered from depression and have gained a positive result from it though, I think it's worth a try for me too. The only problem I'm seeing with this is that I really lack appetite when I am on my depressive mood. I have no motivation to eat during times when I am so down so I think that this is where the problem will be for me.
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  6. theduck7

    theduck7 Junior Member

    This is so true! I know someone who was often depressed and moody as well as feeling physically ill all of the time. She tried an allergy elimination diet and found she was allergic to a variety of foods. She cut them out of her diet and now she feels so much better. The physical aches and pains are gone and she feels so much happier. She says that she can see how much her emotions used to be affected by her allergies.

    I knew another person who was so much friendlier and generally happier when she went off gluten. It's so amazing what a difference food can make in your mental state!
  7. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Junior Member

    Nothing strange in this actually. We are what we eat. It is all based on scientific facts. One thing affects the other and the stream goes back always to one place. To our processors aka brains. I am a vegetarian for some period of time now and I really love how it affected my body and mind. It helped me in my battle along with a lot of reading about these problems. Power of conscious suggestion and positive thinking is something that I practice everyday. It doesn't hurt that I found a girl that I love and who loves me. It's nice to know you have the support in that kind of way. I encourage people to eat less fat and more healthy foods like kinoa, seeds, veggies, fruit and try to eat to be alive and not to be alive to eat. If I put this correctly ... I guess you know what I mean.
  8. captaintoastedwaffle

    captaintoastedwaffle Junior Member

    As much as it sounds like one of those faux-helpful posts like "oh just think happy thoughts you'll get better", changing your diet really does do a little to help. I found that, because I was eating healthier, I was sleeping better and had more energy in the day, helping me to feel more awake and alert during daytime tasks, which led to me completing things better, which again led to me ending the day feeling satisfied that I had done enough that day. As someone who's anxiety is always telling her she hasn't done enough, this really helped.
  9. Ashley0323

    Ashley0323 Junior Member

    Yes, I have also noticed this. Before, I was eating tons of processed junk, frozen meals, soda, ice cream, everything that your not suppose to indulge in. Because of my previous eating habits, I was gaining weight which did not help my anxiety and depression. Since I have switched my diet around and started eating whole foods and cutting back on sugar I have dropped weight and I just feel better in general.
  10. Surrender

    Surrender Junior Member

    @17emilyhalko that is awesome you figured out a way to make yourself feel better! I have read there is a connection between our gut and mental health.

    For myself though I have always been high on my vegetable intake but still had depression and anxiety. But I do notice when I eat more junk food I feel even worse too, so I do believe there is a link!
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  11. HappyKoi

    HappyKoi Junior Member

    That works for some people. I'm glad it worked for you. I would also recommend that you look at some of the underlying issues for your difficulties. It could be also that you are seventeen, and the part of your brain that regulates your emotions is still developing (and will be till you're about 25, if I'm not mistaken). It's always good to eat healthy, and it's good that you're doing that.
  12. MeowsePad

    MeowsePad Junior Member

    I am often quite unhappy. Maybe I will try changing my diet and see how it helps! While I have learned to control some of my negative actions towards others around me, they sometimes still happen. I can relate to the story you've told. Thanks for the advice!  :smile:
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  13. kgord

    kgord Junior Member

    I do feel better when I am eating better, but I relate that to the weight loss I experience when I am eating well. Whatever, the cause, I think the proper diet can help. There is a mind body connection for sure, and when you look better, you feel better, and eating the right foods can simply help with that. There is also a danger though if you start to feel deprived, you can actually feel worse. I have been down that road too, do what works for you, but not to the extent that your diet actually depresses you.
  14. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Eating carbohydrates will always give me a happy feeling, but I know I would feel happier and healthier if I were to eat a more healthy diet. I just find it boring sometimes and prefer the 'feel good food', rather than the 'be good food'. My depression and anxiety, however, is due to PTSD and I am due to start therapy so even if I ate healthy, the PTSD will still be there. It is a good idea though because eating healthy may also help with the healing process.
  15. Danie

    Danie New Member

    I'm so glad to hear that you found some peace in your life. Yes I agree with eating healthy will help you in the long run. I also found exercising and keeping close to God helps me a whole lot as well. Will keep you in my prayers as you continue on your journey towards healing.

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