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What do you do to get your mind off the crazy?

May 19, 2019
Be it social anxiety, depression, hypocondriac, and more. What do you personally do to escape from it all? A hobby, a coping technique, medication" ect.

Trying to get my mind off of my own anxiety myself. So I wonder about others in my free time.

For example, I'm 15. I recently took up sewing, and painting clothes. I'm stretching as of lately. I really like planning. Doing makeup on others that I'm attempting to make a business out of. Me and my therapist are trying to see what coping techniques work for me.

He Man

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Sep 21, 2018
Grace, Sorry to hear about your struggles.
I find exercise & physical exertion are good ways to work out tension and anxiety. I noticed your posts about health worries; exercise is also a great way to strengthen your physical health.

I was advised to enjoy the moment of activities.. like the pleasurable sensations of being in the sun, or feeling things your working on in your hands, etc. Seemed corny, but mindful appreciation of basic life can be a nice experience.
Your make up service sounds cool, good luck. Keep up the good fight ~
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