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    Hey Guys,

    I have decided to do my bachelor thesis on "anxiety". I would like to create a book that shows anxiety and the different forms it plays in ones life. I deal with anxiety myself, which at times leads me to experience minor panic attacks. Often I just have weird thoughts that I can shake off quickly. Since I've started my thesis, I have created a list and realized how ridiculous some of my thoughts can be.
    I would love to hear some of the thoughts that have crossed your mind throughout the day.

    Here are a few of my examples:

    1: Sometimes I think about the things I’ve said to others from years ago....I wish I could explain what I truly meant to say. I always wonder if they have a totally wrong impression of me. I start to think if I DID say the right thing, how much of my life would be different. (Job interviews, first dates, presentations, normal social gatherings)

    2: I live on the top floor of my apartment building. It’s on the third level under the roof. I have planned every exit strategy incase of a fire break outs. One plan to save us and our dogs (one dog is a Great Dane) is to somehow gracefully toss them onto the balcony below. Only to repeat this process one more time. Nothing must can go with this plan…

    3: Every time I’m about to send out an important email, I constantly double check what I wrote and over and over. Once I have (approved) clicked “send”, I start to think that maybe it didn’t actually get sent… maybe i sent it to the wrong person? Maybe the email got lost or I misspelled the email address. Once again I go back and double check my email.

    4: I had a piece of paper with the address of my grandma. I had the thought that I should tear it up before throwing it away to keep her safe. If at this time I felt this was too weird, I would keep the paper just to be safe.

    Thank you for your answers :)
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  2. Rinka

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    Hi @nelly with a why thank you for your extensive interest in the world of anxiety ;)

    If you don’t mind, please give me and if think the other some time to write answers for you. Given that it’s for your BA it should be usable.

    I will giv3 you some answers as soon as I have more time to write. This morning. Don’t worry :)
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  3. nelly with a why

    nelly with a why New Member

    Hello @Rinka I would really appreciate that. Thank you so much for your time and support :)
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  4. Rinka

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    I am someone who is thinking a lot about what could have been done or should have been done. I also get very embarrassed thinking about my past an some situations. Especially if they were social situations. I still think about some incidents that happened at school and get red and embarrassed all over again.

    My life back then was more a fantasy in my head rather then real. I used to be in love with a guy in school and did some stupid things, that when I’m thinking about them now it’s just ahhhhh.

    I think I have been very obsessed with the thought or fantasy of being with him, that I lost reality and thought that it was really possible and I think I started stalking a bit. Not that I followed him around but searching for pictures on fb and going to parties where I know he was there.

    Today when I’m thinking about this, I just want to dig a whole lie myself down and hide from the world out of embarrassment.

    Funny thing is, I think a week or two ago, I would have been able to tell more, but weirdly enough, I feel quite content in social aspects, might be because I’m starting to settle with my partner and it starts to feel more secure.

    Saying that, my health anxiety is still a thing though. It’s hard for me to become content with that.

    I’m constatntly checking my body over for lumps and bumps. It sometimes drives me crazy.
  5. nelly with a why

    nelly with a why New Member

    @Rinka Thank you so much! I think that writing and sharing these examples allows others to realize that they’re not alone :)
  6. janemariesayed

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    Hello @nelly with a why

    I get PTSD which may be a bit of CPTSD as well. I have sudden thoughts and flashbacks every day. It may be a street or an image of a person, but it comes and hurts like I've been hit with a thousand bullets. My therapist thinks it is because of where my memories are going to go next. I have to work really hard at staying grounded and taking in my present surroundings.
  7. Rinka

    Rinka Moderator Staff Member

    I’m glad I could help :smug:

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