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Watching Fish To Relax


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I used to have a huge goldfish tank, and when I was stressed, I would watch them swim and play and socialize.  Now I go to the aquarium or the Japanese garden koi pond and watch the fish swim.  You can even feed the koi at the pond!  There is something about watching fish that seems to be really relaxing.  Maybe it's the peaceful water, or how the fish glide around, or the quiet, or all of the above.  When I can't go out, I have a lovely video of a coral reef set to some nice instrumental music that I can watch on my computer or TV.  Does anyone else find watching fish to be calming?


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I do think it can be calming, and I think they are ideal as pets as they don't need much. My father used to have goldfish, but he mixed them up by adding some and they died. Not everyone can have a goldfish tank due to space, but they are nice to have. Also they are good luck if you do believe in Feng Shui which is why lots of Asian restaurants have them when you enter as they are supposed to bring wealth and good fortune.
I don't currently have any tanks set up, but for years, I have had fish tanks and betta bowls. I'm sort of in transition right now, and don't want to set up a tank, but I am considering getting another betta fish, because I really enjoy watching them. I don't keep them in tiny containers. I have always kept them each in a nice large glass vase, and they seem to enjoy swimming around. The cats love to watch them, and I've never had to worry about the cats getting at the bettas, even though the containers are open at the top. I can't say that for goldfish bowls, because one of my cats did kill my goldfish before, so I won't make that mistake again. The goldfish seem to surface more or make more of a splash, which apparently attracted the cat to attack them. 

When I was a child, the dentist office we would go to had a huge wall sized fish aquarium, and that was when I learned that fish and aquariums were used for relaxation. My dentist was ahead of his time, and the office was very relaxing, with soft music playing in the background. Other than the drilling part, I always enjoyed visiting the office. 
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I like to watch fish as a way to relax and take my mind off things too. I used to have a goldfish that would follow my finger around the glass and would come to the side of the glass if it heard me talking which was sort of nice, to know something came to me. It used to  help me to have to clean out the tank too. It gave me something to do for someone else other than for myself which helps to motivate me. If it's just for me I don't tend to do things so much as I would for someone else. 
No, no, no, no, no. I watched the very last of my family of goldfish die in her old age - 5 years old. She was the mother of two baby goldfishes which died about six months ahead of her. Their father died a year ahead. It was heartbreaking to see her take labored breaths on the bed of the aquarium while lying on her side. I did not turn the oxygen pump off as she lay dying. I watched her until she drew her last breath and gave her proper burial afterwards. I didn't know until I took care of fishes that I could be as affectionate with them as I am with my cats and dogs and they seemed to love me back. I invested time and emotion on this family and they somehow helped me escape some unpleasant things that were happening to my life back then. I know how each family member looked. I was the one who isolated the two baby goldfishes and kept them safe in a smaller aquarium. I retired the aquarium as soon as she died and I never wanted to take care of fishes anymore.