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Vaccuming multiple times a day?

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Im not sure what the heck... alot of people say its not normal, and you should vaccuum every other day, but I vaccum my living room 2-3 times a day. It drives me insane to see crumbs or anything on the carpet and rug.


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My close friend in my former office has a neatnik mother - a person who is obsessed in cleanliness. Whenever I would go to their house, I always notice her mother cleaning whatever that needs to be cleaned in the house like dusting the furniture or the displays. Her mother would say that she is not comfortable when there is a bit of dust o the table or even a speck of dirt on the floor. She is not using the vacuum cleaner though but just the mop or the wet rag. She reminds me of a rich guy, sorry I forgot the name. From what I remember that rich guy owns an airline and he has that sickness of obsession for cleanliness that he isolated himself in a hotel room until the day he died. He was scared that people might contaminate him with disease.
Im not sure what the heck... alot of people say its not normal' date=' and you should vaccuum every other day, but I vaccum my living room 2-3 times a day. It drives me insane to see crumbs or anything on the carpet and rug.[/quote']
Hey I agree with you, there is nothing wrong with that. People will always try to claim something is not normal because the majority don't do it. It wouldn't be normal I'm assuming if you eat peanut butter and no one else on the planet did. That's how society is, we always create these assumptions about life, and claim they are facts when they are really opinions.

If I always find crumbs or something on the floor threw out the day then I want to clean it up. Vacuuming every other day? Sounds like if you waste a bunch of stuff on the floor then you have to tell yourself that you need to wait 2 more days to get it up because you already cleaned earlier and it wouldn't be normal if you did it again.

Nothing wrong with you cleaning your place.
I remembered my mother had told me a story before that she had an office mate who is also obsessed with cleanliness. He is a man and just imagined he bring with him his own spoon, fork, drinking glass at work. He does not like to use what it is in their company canteen. That is why every time they eat together he was always been bashed by their other male co workers just because of that thing. Considering that he even brings alcohol with him in a small bottle and after touching something he would rub his hands with this kind of disinfectant. My mom said he always want that everything is clean but he was very thin and looks like he is not healthy. Just sharing the story that had been told to me a long time ago.

But there is nothing wrong if you always want to have a clean house because I am also like you who do not like messy and dirty things in the house. I am a very organized person when it comes to the things in our house. But I am not over doing it and I am cleaning in moderation only.
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I love having a clean house. My vacuum died so can only vacuum when I feel like stealing my sister's when I feel like dragging it up three flights of stairs. Personally though, I hate vacuuming, I'm looking for an apartment with wood or hard floors. I'm such a klutz that I end up dumping half my art supplies or food on the floor. Over time it's just easier to have hard floors and rugs that I can dump into the washing machine. But I do feel compelled to clean surfaces at least once before I start work and once before I finish to minimized the dust because it agitates my asthma. I don't think it's abnormal to vacuum twice a day after you've made a mess, it'll keep you house clean and as long as you're not using it to distract yourself from what you're supposed to be doing, it's fine.


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Maybe more than once a day seems excessive to some people, but if you have a dog or children then maybe it isn't. I like to keep places as clean as possible, but dust happens and so does dirt and it's impossible to keep a place spotless all of the time if it's being used.

It doesn't matter what other people think, but I have learned that if you do have company around to clear up after they have gone and not during even if you want to. I used to have messy friends to visit and I just had to do it when they had gone, because I don't wish to offend anyone. It is a true test of self control and what you need to do versus what you want to do.
I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but who are we to really say so? If it makes you feel good and it's not directly affecting your life, I don't really see a problem with it then. But yes, I just can't stand feeling the dust almost anything, but specially on the floor. But I think that I haven't vacuum it few times at day yet, only when I feel like things are getting dirty. But still, I usually make a little cleaning schedule, I plan the days when I need to clean and everytime that I feel anxious about it, I just look at it and it makes me feel calmed that is already planned.
Others have already said that if you have an obsession with cleanliness it isn't a bad thing, and it's certainly not as bad as other habits and obsessions that people have. As with any obsession though, if it starts to impact on your everyday life then depending on how bad it affects you, you may decide that you need to speak to somebody about it to maybe get to the bottom of why you feel like this. OCD can raise it's head in many different ways, and having an obsession with cleanliness is just one of those ways.

If you feel that there is a problem, then obviously it's going to be down to you to think about if it's worth getting help, but I know people that have lived with OCD for a number of years, and as long as they can maintain some control over it then professional help isn't always needed.


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I agree with the fact that if it isn't a problem in your life, than it might not be change worthy behavior. If you loved ones are OK with the cleaning, it doesn't have to be a bad thing. If it causes anxiety though, that is something that you need to watch. In fact the anxiety might be OK with you, but if it is causing an issue with those close to your in your life, and they feel they can't be themselves, is really something to watch and keep track of, and determine if you want to change it.
It isn't a wrong thing to want to be clean. My depression takes me the other way and I can't be bother4ed to do things. I have to force myself to do a bit each day so my house stays a bit presentable. I wish I was more like you and obsessed with it.
I would say this is not normal. the best thing to do would be to expose yourself to the uncomfortableness around not vacuuming for a few days and it should be easier to deal with.
Do you have any other OCD symptoms? Any obsessive or intrusive thoughts?

If not then this probably isn't OCD, not seriously so.

If the symptoms start to get worse and you start cleaning more and more and it keeps negatively affecting your life more and more, then maybe it'd be time to seek help.