Trying to put together my wedding playlist! AAAAH!!! >:(

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by _Lukas, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    So I'm a little stressed out and frustrated right now because my wedding is in two weeks (!!!!) and we haven't perfected our music playlist yet. :eek: I could use a little help!
    I'm just going to post some of the songs we're not sure about in this thread and see what the general consensus is...
    Be warned, there's a lot of Disco Polo :p

    So some background as to why I'm making the playlist instead of hiring a DJ- I used to be a resident DJ at a nightclub. I'm not going to be the DJ at my own wedding though lol, one of my friends who's also a DJ is doing that :p

    Okay, so THIS song... we chose it as a potential idea because when Dave and I first started dating, we had a dance-off to this song. I'm... not totally sure about it. Help! :oops:
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  3. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    It's a lovely song Lukas, and if it is one that has a special meaning to you then it would be wonderful to include it in your wedding list.
  4. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    Thanks for your help, my friend :happy: I wasn't too sure about it because it has kind of an urban/hip-hop feel to it and that may not be the best genre for a Polish wedding, but I do really like the song and it does have a special meaning for us so I think I'll keep it :)

    Another song I'm not sure about is this one... ignore the half-naked girl on the thumbnail lol! :rolleyes:
    Dave sings the chorus of this song to me all the time, but it may be a little too dirty for my family (they are from Poland and speak Polish fluently). Hopefully they won't pay a lot of attention to the lyrics.
    The other thing I'm not 100% sure about this song is that it has that obnoxious rap bridge before the choruses.
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  5. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    I think the majority of both your families are going to be jigging about enjoying themselves and making a real party of it. I don't think that they will really notice what the words are.

    It's your wedding Lukas, well, yours and Dave's, and it is your big day. Why not have the songs that mean something to the both of you? A wedding is a ceremony where two people make promises together in front of witnesses. That is what your guests are, witnesses to your merging with another person. So this is about you and Dave, it's up to you what you have for your wedding.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about, if they are offended by the lyrics then they will always remember your wedding!:joyful:
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  6. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    Thank you for your help and your wise words, as usual :happy:
    I'm sure it will be a great time for everyone, but with the wedding being only eleven days away, I'm really starting to panic! :eek: I don't even know exactly what I'm so anxious about. I know it's very unlikely that anything will go wrong, but I'm still freaking out. :oops:
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  7. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    You will be freaking out Lukas, and so will Dave, but don't worry about it or get yourselves into a tizzy. It is perfectly normal to be feeling like this so close to a wedding. It shows that both of you are serious. You both understand that marriage is a partnership that will be for the rest of your lives together.

    You say you don't know exactly what you are anxious about. May I try?

    It could well be the wedding! Will everything go off okay? Will all your guests enjoy themselves and wish you well without any kind of harsh uncaring words or disrespectful treatments.

    Double check you have everything in place and enjoy this wonderful day together. It's a very special day when you will make a promise before many witnesses, the majority of those people who love you and will truly be wishing you both well and success for your futures.
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  8. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    You're right, I'm definitely anxious about the wedding... I know it's going to be okay but I'm still scared.

    We had an amazing day together today and I honestly feel so much better now.
    Dave was being so adorable today :joyful: He was taking a nap and I woke him up and asked if he wanted to help me cook dinner, and he just rolled over and hid under the covers and wouldn't get up until I cuddled him :cat: I love him so much! Sometimes he does the cutest things.
    Lol the reason I keep using the kitty smiley- :cat: is because Dave always sends me text messages with the kitty kissy face emoji and I think it's so freaking cute.
  9. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    lol welcome for the kitty faces, they are cute indeed. I just wish there was a doggy face and I would use it all the time.

    You will be scared, but on that day, when you both settle down after the wedding to married life, it will feel wonderful and you will have a wonderful day to look back on. Are you going on a honeymoon?
  10. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    I wish there was a doggy face too! I would use that in every sentence lol.

    We're going on our honeymoon the following weekend, but we're going to stay relatively local because I don't like air travel and we want to bring all our dogs with us. We're going to stay at a fancy hotel though! :cat::happy:
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  11. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Wow, Wee, a fancy hotel that lets you bring your dogs! That's really good. We have those places over here this side of the pond too. I like going to stay in the country and renting a cottage with my two.
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  12. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    I would love to go rent a cottage in the country and stay there with my dogs. I'll add it to our vacation bucket list! :)
    We stayed in a cabin in the woods with our dogs up North in Maine over the summer and that was amazing.

    It will be nice to stay somewhere fancy for our honeymoon because I definitely don't live the most glamorous life as a "dog wrangler" (that's what Dave calls my job, lol!) :D I always come home from work covered in mud and hair and sometimes bites and scratches and bruises, and I always have to jump right in the shower because the dog smell is so strong lol!
    Dave's job is much more glamorous but I wouldn't want to deal with the customers he tells me stories about. One girl said to him "Wtf is with the red lipstick? You look like a mime." :shifty: Personally I think he looks fantastic with red lipstick, so she can just go shove it. :smug: Another time he told me a story about when he was asking a customer if she was paying with credit or debit, and she shouted "WHY THE F*CK DOES IT MATTER?!!" and demanded to speak to his manager. :rolleyes:
    ...And that's why I don't work in customer service. :dead:
    But with all that aside, Dave will be SO happy to stay in a nice hotel because he always fantasizes about being rich and famous lol. Knowing him, he's probably going to pretend to be a rich pop star or a diplomat or something and try to impress and entertain people. :D

    On a side note- I should probably cool it on the swearing because I got banned from another forum for swearing. :rolleyes: And the sad thing was, it wasn't even real swears, it was words like "crap" and "cornhole" and edited swear words with letters missing. Sigh. I do have quite the foul mouth though :D People are always shocked! I look so harmless and unassuming and then I open my mouth and I'm like "#$@%&!!!!" :D
    Dave very rarely swears and will only swear if he's really angry or startled and he almost never says the F-word. I don't think he has ever made a single online post with a swear in it! :wideyed: I wish I had that much self control. :rolleyes: But then again, out of the two of us, he's the only one with manners or social skills :p
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  13. Mrs_MustardSeed

    Mrs_MustardSeed New Member

    im so sorry i cant be of help to you! Im not really familiar with this genre of music, as most of what I listen to consist of hip hop, r&b, house, and a couple of genres I don't really have a name for lol. Like what is Sade? would she be considered alternative? Idk lol. However it must be super exciting planning a wedding ! :) I hope all goes well, and try putting an artist you like into Pandora. That's how I found so many songs I never heard or either forgot about
  14. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    It's okay, I don't know many people outside of Poland who are familiar with Disco Polo :p
    I listen to House and hip-hop too- I listen to pretty much everything actually, with the exception of country.
    I think Sade is considered Soul...? I'm not totally sure but I think I read that somewhere.
    I'm so excited but I'm so scared at the same time! Thanks, I hope all goes well too. :)
    I'll have to try Pandora. I find most of my music through YouTube and Soundcloud. I have thousands of songs in my iTunes library though, I'm a pretty big music fanatic! I'm a DJ, a percussionist (fancy word for "I like to play the drums a lot" :p ), a guitarist, and a former dancer.
  15. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    That cabin in the woods sounds amazing, I bet your dogs really enjoyed themselves there. It's lovely to take them for woodland walks. To be able to let them off of the leash and allow them to run and have freedom, then they come running back to you, it's wonderful. I love taking my two to the beach as well but now I don't have a car, I can't take the both of them on the bus at the same time as they would jump over all the passengers! Ha ha.

    I bet, even if you stayed in the local B&B the two of you would have a marvellous time. It's what you make of it. You could spend time in the plushest hotel but if the company isn't right you would be miserable.
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  16. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    My dogs had a great time there! We went sailing too which they really enjoyed, and we even saw porpoises! They loved jumping off the docks too lol.
    My dogs do really well off-leash, and we love letting them run free. Our city has pretty strict leash laws so we like to take them to the beach and the woods in other towns nearby and let them run. And they always do come running back to us!
    Lol, that would be quite the sight to see, two large dogs jumping all over passengers on a bus! :D Lol.

    We'll have a great time no matter where we stay, we even had a great time in our own house tonight.
    It was so funny, I was all wrapped up in the blankets and Dave said "I love that you're in your little cocoon." Lol! Then he pretended to be narrating a nature documentary and said "The Lukas is making its nest." :D
    He really makes me laugh! He can be so silly sometimes lol.
  17. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Mine have never been sailing but they have been in the sea many times. They love it. Carly is a bit scared of the waves but he is only a puppy still. And he is so small. Loopy runs straight in to catch the stones I throw in and Carly tries. I would wonder if they would jump out of a boat. But then that is me getting paranoid about my dog's safety. Some folk have anxieties for health issues, and for me, it's my dog's safety.

    Dave sounds funny, you are going to have a great life because it's good to laugh.
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  18. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    That is so sweet that they love playing in the ocean :) My dogs wear life vests when they're on boats so if they jump in they won't be in trouble. I worry about my dogs' safety a lot too. Yesterday we were out walking all four of them, and someone in my neighborhood had a loose dog that ran right up to us, barking his head off at my dogs! He wasn't being aggressive, he was being playful, but still. I panicked because I thought there was going to be a fight. Bella and Bartek (our Dobermans) are not the biggest fans of random dogs running up to them so I freaked out a little. The dog's owner came running and I kind of yelled at her. I was like "Maybe your dog is friendly, but not everyone else's is!" and I lectured her about controlling her dog. I'm scared that one of my dogs will get attacked by another dog, or even worse, that they'll attack another dog and get in trouble. One of the dogs my family had when I was growing up was killed by another dog so that's one of my worst fears. I've seen a lot of aggressive dogs in my line of work and I always make 100% sure that they are never in a situation where they could kill another dog.

    On a lighter subject, Dave is very funny. We laugh a lot together. He tells very funny stories at parties, and sometimes the stories are about me :p

    My whole family is pretty funny, but maybe not for the right reasons, and some of them in a more ironic way. :p
    My grandmother didn't really speak English, and she thought eggs and toast were called "income tax." :D
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  19. Rinka

    Rinka Moderator Staff Member

    As a dog owner myself I have to remind you that dogs tend to reflect the emotions of their owners.

    If you are anxious because a dog is approaching, your dogs will notice and think that this is how they should react in this situation as well or they get protective over you.

    The main thing is really to keep calm. If a loose dog approaches you and your dogs, stop, let them sniff calmly and maybe say hello to the dog. It will show your dogs that there is nothing to worry about.
    Also dogs on the lead can get more anxious then off the lead.
    It’s to do with them being able to run away if they need to and that makes them calmer.

    Saying all that I’m living in an area near a big dog park/ wood land and almost all the dogs are off lead, behaved and socialised.

    Chrissie is a good girl that listens well off lead and is patient on the lead when a dog approaches.

    My advise is, keep calm and your dogs will keep calm. Your dogs need to see you as their leader and will stay calm if you stay calm.
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  20. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    Thanks for the reminder, Rinka :)
    I do know that but sometimes my nerves get the best of me... this was one of those situations. Sometimes it's really hard to keep calm.
    I always try to do what's best for my dogs though. Hopefully next time something like this happens it will be a little easier to stay relaxed and in control.
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  21. Rinka

    Rinka Moderator Staff Member

    :) No worries.
    I know it’s hard to keep your calm and stay in control, especially if you have the feeling that everything is falling apart.
    I tend to concentrate on my doggy in that situation and then I can override my anxiety for that moment, because of the responsibility I feel for my dog.
    But it’s a skill I learned and it took a lot of time to learn, to focuse on the moment and the support someone else needs.
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