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Toddler woes


Apr 19, 2023
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My 17month old head butted me so hard this afternoon right in the nose. It absolutely killed and bought tears to my ears and was stinging so bad. Didn’t bleed or anything. Well.. now my ears feel funny like blocked and my throat feels sore and I feel like my nose is stuffy. Is this coincidence? Or is this a random horrible life threatening problem relating to the big blow to the nose? I know this sounds silly but I have health anxiety very severely and I’m now worrying my little head off. No toddlers were harmed in the making of this can anyone calm me down and calm my anxious brain before I drive myself to A & E insisting I’m at deaths door?


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Sep 11, 2021
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Your nose is bruised. THAT'S ALL IT IS. My goodness, how we blow everything up out of all proportion. But that is HA at its worse. Calm down and accept that a blow anywhere on the body will cause pain, or in your case some mild symptoms that will go if you just accept them. Was your toddler getting back at you for something you did to him or her? :):):);););)