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    Does anyone get freaked out by a thunderstorm?With me I get very nervous and anxious,and where I live we seem to lose power every single time we get one,I was sound asleep and was woken by the claps of thunder it was loud and I had just asked God please do not let us lose power no sooner said that it went out.Thank God for the generators.Still it was very dark in here for about 30 seconds and that in itself is scary.I actually checked outside to make sure the other lights were out and they were.It went back on anyway in less then five minutes,b ut just the sound of the thunder alone frightens me so much.Most of the time I have to lay down and cover my eyes with a blanket.Maybe that sounds silly but power outages scare me anyway,even with the generator cause whose to say the thing will work.. I takes about ten minutes to reboot annoying, I wish i wasn't alone actually l live in senior housing but yet it still is scary,now I hope that I can go back to sleep.. Any thoughts of how to cope with the storms??
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    There are special lights that you can get that are rechargeable. If your power goes after sunset you can use it to give yourself some light until it comes back on. At least you have a generator to kick in and thirty seconds isn't long to wait. Try counting the seconds while you wait for it to come on.

    We had many power cuts in Egypt and I used to use the rechargeable light and candles. My dogs would wonder what had happened as well but we dealt with it. I would speak to them reassuringly till I made a bit of light for us.

    I love thunderstorms. It is true they can be scary, especially for my dogs but I talk to them reassuringly and stroke them so they feel relaxed when it is going on.

    How to cope yourself? Hmmm? How about singing to yourself? Any song that comes to mind, or put some relaxing music on to listen to. Something that would give your ears something else to focus on rather than the thunder.

    Some people count the seconds between the thunder and the lightening. Others say that thunder is the clouds crashing together while others say it is God who is angry. Whatever the reason is, it is an amazing thing and nothing to be afraid of. If you can watch the lightening and try to be amazed at it. It is truly amazing to see Mother Nature at work and you may even find that it starts to uplift you.

    I saw a lightening storm out at sea when I was in Egypt. The lightening was in a cloud and lit up the cloud every time it flashed. It made the cloud look like a brain! So my funny side then thought 'Ha, ha, a brainstorm!' :D

    Do you have a friend within your senior housing? If it was a reasonable time that the storm occurred you could perhaps go and sit with someone till it passed?
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    Only one friend i really do talk to but this was at 130 in the morning u know i do count how long it takes for the generator to go on and it just seems like it is forever the same with the thunder and lightening i count between each clap of thunder they say if the seconds get longer it means the storm is moving further away.I use to love and sit on my closed in porch with my husband and watch them.No t now I try to pretend they are fireworks because the bang from the fireworks doesn't bother me I had a friend whose house i believe it was here house was hit once before.Those gawd awful lightening strikes scare me more then the sheet lightening.
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    Well, there you go! There could be one reason why thunderstorms scare you. Your friend's house got hit and maybe the scariness of that is bothering you.

    Hopefully, this video should make you laugh. Especially the second time he gets struck. But I will tell you before you get to the end, he walks away unharmed at the end of it. I saw this video months ago and you have just reminded me of it!

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    That is cute,I get a kick how he just gets up and walks away.Maybe it wasnt such a SHOCK after all lol ,well u have to have some kind of sense of humor. The loud noise in itself just scares me then when I see the lightening it just makes it worse.
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    I do try to pretend it is a fireworks display because I actually love fireworks,but they are not all around you like lightening can be... I absolutely hate it when it hits the ground and you can hear that very loud bang,,,,
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    Yes, wasn't it funny Carol! So you see, even though you find lightning and thunderstorms scary, it's okay! Even if we do get zapped, by a million to one chance, there is a chance that we can just get up and walk away!
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    We did have a thunderstorm last night but no lightening which is the scary part.I just layed back had my cover on me but not over my face and prayed to God we didnt get another bad one,then I went and fell asleep ,I just don't see why they always seem to have to come in the middle of the night.
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    You would not have liked it here yesterday. It was beautiful sunshine and it was lovely and warm. Not a cloud in the sky so I decided to wash the dog blankets and the cushion covers. I had them all outside drying off in the hot sun as well as all the cushions getting an airing while the covers dried in the sun as well.

    I then went upstairs on the computer and suddenly noticed that it was raining. You know that fine stuff but there are no gaps between the drops? Then, before I could blink, the rain suddenly chucked it down in buckets. With thunder! I ran downstairs and got all my washing and cushions inside and came in myself. I went back upstairs to watch the rain.

    It was coming in sheets and smashing up against the window. The wind was howling against the house, and I don't know where that wind came from but it was very, very windy. Then I saw this cloud coming towards the house, it had lightening in it and it was zapping everywhere. Then within 10 minutes, the storm had gone away and it was beautiful blue sky again. Only the ground was soaked, great for the plants but I was also left with sopping wet blankets and cushions to dry off indoors!

    It was a wonderful storm and I loved it. I took it as a gift. A wonderful present from God for me to enjoy. Even my dogs were not worried about it and ran outside to play while I was desperately trying to get my washing in quickly. I had fears of my puppy getting zapped but he came in when I called him. I did wonder where the birds go at such times. I hoped that they found a good shelter.
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    You are a brave woman,I absolutely get very nervous when it gets windy the howling and all.The rain in itself doesn't bother me it was the wind and the storm we are getting a rain storm today so that means no outdoors for me ugh
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    ;) Nothing brave about me Carol! I'm just not afraid of thunderstorms. I'm hoping that my love of them will brush off on you so you can perhaps think of me when you see one. What about when I saw that lightning in the cloud out to sea and thought, haha, a brainstorm because it made the cloud light up and look like a brain. I know you love nature, so I am hoping that you will see thunderstorms as safe and enjoy them.

    Didn't you use to watch them with your hubby?

    When I lived in Egypt, there was a thunder and lightning storm in the desert. I ran into the Sahara and climbed up a peak to watch the lightning zapping the sand. Now that was dangerous as there was nothing to earth the lightning energy. The thing was that all these Egyptians thought it such fun and followed me out to the desert to watch it without realising the dangers.
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    yes I did watch them with Bob but I am alone and i know if someone was with me I would be fine i just dont like being alone when they come ,i feel like I need protection,the worse part when it knocks out the power in the middle of the night i know we have a generator but it still is scary when everything goes dark,
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    I'm sure the generator will come on pretty quickly but have you thought about having a torch beside you? Just until the generator kicks in? A little torch beside you means you will be able to switch it on whenever you need it.

    When you see them, try to imagine your hubby there with you. He probably is in spirit anyway. Watching you and smiling at you being afraid. Imagine him holding your hand until the storm is over. His energy is probably there with you still. Try to relax. It is a shame that you are not allowed pets. Even a little hamster would help you a little.

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