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Thinking about starting a YouTube channel

Feb 23, 2019
Hey y’all, I’ve done YouTube before and I really enjoyed it. I ran a political channel a while back and I had almost 200 subscribers, but I became really stressed out and depressed for a while and stopped. I still believe in what I believe politically speaking (not getting into specifics because don’t want to start a debate) however I find the negativity of politics is a little much for me now I’d rather start a new channel centered around something positive that I can see myself getting up in the morning for.

So I’d like to start a comedy channel called PopCap studios. I want to do some short films, skits, and commentary videos, but what I’m really excited to post on there are mental health videos. I love helping people through there struggles and giving good advice and I think a sort of jack of all trades YouTube channel would be perfect. However I’m worried that maybe I shouldn’t give advice on anxiety because I’m still struggling with it a lot sometimes and I’m afraid that I might give bad advice or not be able to follow my own advice. I’ve made a lot of progress recently, but I’m scared to start helping people through their mental health issues when I’m just barely learning to manage mine. I just feel really positive and happy lately and I want to share this feeling with others. For the first time in a while I’ve felt confident and motivated.

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Jun 2, 2019

A chronicle of your personal struggles with anxiety might be useful to some people. I wouldn't worry about giving bad advice. Just speak from personally experience and reiterate that you're not a counselor or doctor.

Good luck!


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Apr 14, 2019
Is a chap here in Dublin who has one called This week in Ireland '. What he does is take' the more amusing news stories and presents them in his own way. He has a huge following from the news videos alone. He does do other videos. Vlogs and the likes. But they are not as popular.

Anxiety based videos would be good if you don't mind people knowing what is going on in your life. Hard to go wrong if you are just honest. It is not you telling people how to get better. It is you tell people how you are doing with your anxiety.
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