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The loneliness in depression


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Nov 24, 2016
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It has been a really long time since my last thread post. Not many people understand the loneliness that comes with depression. It is a genuine inability to be happy. You smile for loved ones so they don't have to worry about you because let's face it...it just makes things worst when they do. It get's me sometimes...you look around and see people that are genuinely happy or are they faking too? Who can you really talk to about this? I had a therapist for a while and I had high hopes for this but, all they did was ask me if I was doing better than last week and tried to shove medication down my throat. The things that should give me pleasurelike the sun and when it's warm outside...doesn't. To readdress the the fact that you can't talk to anyone about this is if you try to talk to your loved ones about this...they tend to make it about them as if they could say or do anything to "fix me". Do other people with depression feel this way? This isn't about the blues....it's about my brain not wanting to do right. How is it possible to be lonely when you have people that love and care about you ? Who else feels this way. Am I alone in this?


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Jul 3, 2016
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Hi @Concernedgal nice to see you again :)
I think depression is on of the loneliest conditions in the world, because you can never really talk with anyone about it, without getting them too worried, or being looked down on or getting meds down your throat. Doesn't always help really. I suppose it's hard for people to understand, if they haven't experienced it themselves. Therapist a a whole different breed of people, either you get one that will sincerely help you and listen or they make it easy and have you take meds. Not to underestimate meds though, if you have a chemical imbalance in your brain then they can help you. The thing is though that meds alone with not help you in the long run. They will just help with the symptoms, not with the root of the problem.
You are not alone, i bet with you that there are a lot of people, that will read your post and will find themselves in it.