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Thank you !


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Jul 24, 2019
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I wanted to tell yall I appreciate being able to vent on here. Even if it's just me being delusional sometimes it just helps to write it out so I can notice how ridiculous it is.

Today I started taking charge of my life back . Went outside. If I have a seizure I have a seizure. If I pass out I do. If I die I die. I cant keep worrying !!! I'm just going to try to focus on only good things instead of sitting here analyzing my symptoms. I'm sure I'll post again about some random ass symptom I've developed but I feel good knowing I can usually debunk it . I have therapy on Thursday so I'm hoping this is what's going to get this out of my life.

Today I had several several panic attacks. I'm always dizzy and needing to rest against something to support myself. I'm over eating because of my thoughts that I have low blood sugar. My eyes are sensitive. Flashing lights. And guess what? I've never passed out. Never had a seizure. It's just damn anxiety ! And so what if I do have one? It won't kill me. I'm safe.

This is me saying it ends today!!!