Tested Positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Discussion in 'Panic Disorder' started by anxiousseagull, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. anxiousseagull

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    Hello all.

    Had a bit of iffy news today, i must admit i was a little shocked to hear about it. I have been getting alot of pain in my lower back and found that i have trouble sitting and lying down and also been feeling very run down with it for some years. So i decided to get this looked at by a doctor and found that i have tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis, i have a MRI scan next monday to confirm diagnosis at a local hospital that treats the condition not really looking forward to it :( From there on in if confoirmed they will prescribe the meds i need to cope with the condition, im just wondering if anyone else has the same problem and could possibly tell me what sort of meds i might expect. One more thing I like to have a drink occasionly in the way of beer will i be able to still have a drink while taking rheumatoid arthritis meds :(

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  3. janemariesayed

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    It depends on the meds you are prescribed if you can still have a beer or not. Tell your doctor that you want meds that you can take with the odd beer. I have arthritis in my hip as well and have the same kind of pain in my lower back. I had the MRI and they told me I have arthritis. I've been given Naproxen meds which are a kind of anti-inflammatory and pain killer. It mostly hurts when I have been standing or walking for a long time so take it easy and just watch how much you can do. I exerted myself too much one day and then couldn't walk at all. I just could not put one foot in front of the other for the pain it caused.

    It helps if you don't eat meat and dairy products as well as alcohol. See about cooking for arthritics. This information would help you to eat foods that don't flare up your arthritis.
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  4. anxiousseagull

    anxiousseagull New Member

    Thank you for sharing, at the moment the doctor has prescribed me some fultium-D 800 IU capsules he seems to have found that i am low on vitamin D. Im just hoping my rheumatoid arthritis is not to serious i know i shouldn't do this but i have read on the internet that rheumatoid arthritis can reduce your life expectency and its made me feel a little more anxiuos for when i go for my scan. I will also make sure to mention that i like to have a drink every so often and see if they can prescribe me something that will allow me to have a bit of a drink. Once again thank you for sharing and mentioning about a diet for arthritis.
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    Apparently, the diet does help. I got it from a cook book for arthritis. Basically, it's omitting the red meat. Dairy or all kinds of animal fat and red wine. Don't ask me why I just remember that from the book. You can make up your own recipes just try and stay away from red meat, animal fat and red wine. Eat loads of fresh veg and fruit with a dollop of extra thick fat-free Greek yoghurt. (as an alternative to cream.) Enjoy it and start to think what you can replace in your diet. Try out new things and you will find some recipes that you really like. You can probably eat some recipes that you already enjoy too. Fish is good. Especially oily fish and salmon. Take a chondroitin and glucosamine supplement too and you will see a marked improvement within a few days.

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