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Support spaces for people who struggle with binge watching and social media?

Nov 19, 2020
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I am really afraid of my inability to control my binge watching and social media consumption.

Yeah - I know it sounds dumb. I have a job I love, hobbies I care about, relationships that fill me up, AND I struggle with compulsive online streaming, youtubing, and social media use. For me, unlike for some other people, these are all numbing behaviors - escapism and easy serotonin hits - that are so much more immediately enticing than the things I care about and love.

I don't feel in control, and I feel ashamed. I can't be the only one with this problem, but where can I go for help?


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Nov 11, 2019
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I don't know - but you're doing the right thing trying to reach out and find help. Stay strong in your wish to take care of yourself.