Sunlight for Depression

Discussion in 'Natural Remedies' started by Surrender, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. hades_leae

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    For sure, it feels really good to lay in the sun, but for me I can't do it too long because I'm already black, and I don't like looking like charcoal after a few hours in the sun, it makes me feel really bad like I'm burnt or something. I love the feeling though because it's relieving to feel nature growing on you. I think everyone should spend sometime in the sun relaxing when they are feeling down,
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  3. ursellb

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    I think that it is the vitamin D from the sun light that
    makes you feel better. The more vitamin D the better
    you feel. Try just taking a good vitamin D and see how
    you feel. You won't have to move to a sun shines State.
    And you can feel good all year around.
  4. Robert Rodriguez

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    Is it so? I wasn't having any idea about this. Well thats really nice. I think I need more sunlight now.

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