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Aug 5, 2020
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hey guys, yesterday i had and argument with my mum which i wrote out what happened then my fricken internet went off and now i cant access it and have to retype it again. basically i just brought something to her attention that she is doing 'wrong' and got so defensive which resulted me to get a rlly big headache as i was trying to resolve it but it felt like we were going around in circles. but we fixed it now. we are starting fresh! since she has moved from the bank and in nursing, her job is getting busier now. i told her that i get you are stressed but try not to take out you anger on me. do u guys think i should stay out of her way and do the right ting?. also i am scared to do something wrong as she will yell at me and she says she wants to push me so i get better but hunny i have to do it on my own.

what do you guys think of this ?love to hear from you
thanks, rachael