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Stomach sharpness and extreme worrying


May 19, 2019
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I was doing pretty good today, besides worrying about my breathing. And then this happened. I didn't eat except for lunch and a sugar filled slushies today. So I was understandably hungry when I got back home. So like a dum dum, I had two servings of taco salad. And then some cobbler.. an your or less than an hour later. Naturally I'm overstuffed. And then I'm feeling a pain in my stomach. Its sharp. Comes and goes. Near my belly button, but not quite there yet. Stomach feels as if its about to burst. And now I'm of course worried that I poked a hole in my stomach and I'm bleeding now, from eating so much. In trying not to worry too much. But between the breathing issue and this? Yea.

Jusy the slightest bit of worry. I should be fine. I've had multiple blood and urine tests, CT of my head, chest x ray, EKG, and blood tests that show the condition of my heart and lungs. But nothing else.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Could have just been cramps after all you ate. Lord knows I have stuffed myself many times. Then wished I hadn't. i am sure with time it will pass. Just try and make yourself comfortable. Try and learn from this. Not to stuff yourself as much next time.