Sore/achy skin

Discussion in 'Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)' started by Melissa, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Melissa

    Melissa New Member

    has anyone ever experienced painful/ achy skin? Sensitive to the touch but also hurts randomly by itself. Best way to describe it is the achy feeling you get when you're getting the flu, but not sick. Only one certain area right now on my right thigh, but I experience it other places sometimes.
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  3. Kaynil

    Kaynil Member

    I am not sure if this is what you mean as I am just going from your comparison with the pain when having the flu which for me more than the skin itself is like my muscles are tired and aches to drag my body around. If it is something like that usually makes my extremities very delicate.

    Out of flu I can get it from time to time for what I assume is seasonal allergies or that something triggered my asthma and my body is trying to keep it under control.

    I recmend you to log what kind of pain you have dull, sting. If it is intermittent, oscilates or is constant. What you were doing that could cause it, etc.

    When you get the chance, go with the doctor. They should be able to make a few examinations and figure if the problem is with your skin, your muscles or a symptom of something different and go from there. So try not to read much into it just yet. Let the doctor examine you.

    If what you are experiencing is hindering your daily esperiences, don't wait around and go.

    Best of luck, @Melissa.
  4. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Hi @Melissa I am not sure what it can be that is wrong, but if it continues I would make an appointment with your doctor. He will know if it is a symptom of something else and will be able to direct you to the right department.
  5. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    I personally have not but, what your describing is *Fibromyalgia*. Fibro myalgia is a condition where you have over active nerves. Your nerves are responsible for some types of pain. More information about this later.
  6. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

  7. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Wow! Ten million Americans suffer from this illness, that is amazing and sad, and how many more people worldwide?
  8. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    I knew of the condition but, I too didn't realize how many people suffer from this.
  9. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    It makes me wonder sometimes if they are not putting something in the water, or the crops!
  10. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    There's no telling.
  11. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    In fact, they do put stuff in the water. What about the fluoride? That causes cancer, dementia, depression, and makes us all into robotic mongs. It's even been scientifically proven that ingesting it makes no difference to cavities and dentists have said that it is the same as drinking hair dye to make your hair change colour! lol
  12. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    I never got that. I never got how ingesting fluoride would do your teeth any good. And don't get me starred on plastic either. Did you know that cancer has gone up dramatically since plastic started coming on the market? And Styrofoam too. This world has become so stupid. We need to get back k to the basics. Glass. A natural material.

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