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So anxious...


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Apr 11, 2020
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I'm feeling very anxious and I want to vent out my feelings so I've come here to do that, I'm sorry if any of this is very graphic and TMI.

My health anxiety started last year in August when my nipple started getting really itchy, inflamed and discharging a yellow fluid.
I got diagnosed with a bunch of different conditions including thrush, eczema, staph, etc etc.
More than a year later, both of my nipples are still causing me to worry.

The symptoms disappeared enough for me to stop worrying about them for a while, but recently my areolar (left side) got really swollen and started discharging yellow fluid again. My nipple (right side) is very dry and also it seems to have developed some kind of thickened crusting, it's kind of cracked all over and looks kind of like an ashy brown colour?
I don't feel any lumps or bumps on my boobs but also my armpit (right side) has been really swollen for a really long time and it's making me convinced that something is seriously wrong...
I've gotten an ultrasound in March and they said that they didn't find anything wrong which is very reassuring.
I've been to a dermatologist too and he didn't think he saw anything wrong with my boobs. He was the one that identified staph with a swab test.
That's why I logically don't think it's anything sinister, I just wish that I could find out exactly what it is and make it better so that I don't have to deal with this all the time.
I feel so let down every time a treatment doesn't work and it makes me feel like my condition is worse than they say it is, like maybe they misdiagnosed me...

Also, my digestion has been kind of weird. It's always been a bit weak, and apparently, my dad's digestive system is quite weak, so it might be genetic. He's currently treating helicobacter and I'm very worried that I'm somehow going to be affected by it.
Anyway, my stomach hurts when I wake up in the morning and I don't have much of an appetite for breakfast, and also when I do have a bowel movement, it seems like even if I strain just the tiniest amount (just enough to have my bowel movement) I see a bit of blood on the toilet paper.
I think maybe I shouldn't be too worried about this, but it scares me every single time.

I've also lost a lot of weight over the past few months. I was around 43kg (95lb) and now I'm 40kg (88lb).
I'm not on a diet, I eat three meals a day and snacks (including candy and icecream, etc when I feel like it) so I should really be gaining weight. I also don't exercise a lot but I do think it would be helpful, and now that I'm out of school I should at least take walks now... but anyway, it's very worrying that I'm losing so much weight when I haven't changed my lifestyle at all except for not eating gluten. I know it can make you lose weight, but I don't think this weight loss was completely caused by that. When I first changed my diet, my weight dropped to about 41kg and I lost an additional 1kg (2lb) out of absolutely nowhere.

The last thing is that my eyes don't seem to be doing so well? I've felt like this ever since I changed my glasses, but it feels like my eyes won't focus completely anymore, and often when I blink everything gets blurry (until I blink harder) like I've got oil over my eyes, or something like that? I don't know why it's happening, but I wonder if it's because my prescription is wrong or because I look at screens for too long.

This year has been very tough for me to get through, and extremely stressful, and all of these anxieties just make me want to cry. I don't know how to better myself. Does anyone have any stories to share or any advice?