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Scared of relatives


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Dec 30, 2018
Hi again, sorry for 2 threads so soon!

I am generally not scared of people I don't know. It's people such as older relatives e.g. my uncle, who I seem to be scared of. Usually I try my best to avoid situations in which I have to meet my relatives. But I don't seem to be too scared with strangers. I think this is because older relatives always judge you whereas strangers don't really care. Anyone else like this?


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Aug 9, 2018
Hi liljon, I have trouble talking to my family, but it's not that bad as when I'm with strangers.. But I guess that's normal (ish?)
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Aug 7, 2018
Social anxiety makes us very uncomfortable socializing except for the very few folks that we are very close with. It's complicated, sometimes the fear stems from the fear of what others think of us. For most social anxiety sufferers, the anxiety doesn't let us speak or act "naturally" and we know that's going to happen when we interact. Sometimes it's worse when dealing with relatives and sometimes it's worse dealing with strangers. For me, it makes me hate making phone calls, worrying someone will stop over or the worst is when people, usually relatives visit for an extended period of time. My anxiety keeps me from traveling to visit others so the penalty is they end up coming and staying with me.
I've got six coming to stay for a week in March, including two from Italy and am already completely beside myself over it. My wife takes stuff like that in stride thankfully. So liljon, am I scared of relatives? Absolutely, and unfortunately most everyone else. This forum is my oasis from whatever it is that makes me so anxious about interacting with others, relatives or friends or strangers.
Jan 17, 2019
Same here. I have anxiety around my parents sometimes, but always anxious with my bfs mother! They all over middle age. My parents have expectations from me since i was small, so i am sometimes tense around them. My bfs mother has given me a lot of trouble in the past and wasn't the nicest person in the world to me. I get extremely agitated when she visits the house. But my anxiety gets better when she leaves. Sometimes, it feels like she purposely tries to make me mad and laughs at it.
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